Time Critical Furniture Modeling Project Delivered at 100% Accuracy

Based in the US, our client is a renowned furniture retail house. With a vast customer base and a versatile range of products, the client has always thought of innovative ideas to reach more and more customers. With the current market trend of going digital, the client wanted to offer a new-age furniture buying experience to their customers. As part of this digital movement, the client has given the choice to choose the furniture design on their website. Once, the design is selected by the client, the client custom creates the furniture from the 3D furniture models and sends it to the customer.

Project Requirement - Furniture Modeling Requirement with Exact Precision

To manufacture the on-demand furniture for their customers, our client wanted the furniture models with the chosen color, texture, and dimensions. The client contacted eLogicTech after learning about its 20+ years of experience in furniture modeling, millwork drafting, virtual staging, and architectural visualization.

The client provided the images of the furniture designs, the scope, and required dimensions through their online portal. However, the client requested a rigid timeline that required the eLogicTech team to develop the 3D furniture model within a specific timeline once the furniture design is selected.

Challenges that Made This Furniture Modeling Project Difficult

Though the eLogicTech team were fine with the quality requirement of the project, the major challenge was the strict timeline for creating each furniture model. The project challenges were as below:

  • A minimum of 99% accuracy - which the eLogicTech team ensured through multiple quality checks.
  • Rigid timeline - the team addressed this challenge with an experienced team along with a two-member back team. Also, the team took proactive measures to refine the process so that the timelines were met in all usual conditions.

Process Steps Followed for Developing Custom Furniture Models


eLogicTech's furniture modeling team downloaded the furniture images and the specifications from the client's web portal.


The images were imported into Autodesk 3ds Max for modeling. The team made sure that the polygon count to be maintained while modeling.


Once the models of each and every element of the furniture were created, the team used Adobe Photoshop to do the lighting, color, and texturing adjustments to give the model the realistic look.


All the files were then properly names according to an agreed nomenclature for easy understanding and reference.


Once the models were completed, the team rendered it in high-definition and uploaded to the specific model page in the client's portal for review.


According to the client's inputs, adjustments were made to the models and final files were submitted to the web portal again.

Proactive Exceptional Steps by eLogicTech Team Ensured Quality and In-time Delivery

eLogicTech has always valued the client's requirements above all and especially there are any specific asks in terms of deadlines or quality. As an experienced furniture modeling service provider, the eLogicTech team understands the end objectives of every client and aligns its processes to meet them. This approach even helped us in this time-critical project in never missing the timeline and exceeding the client's expectations by delivering the models with 100% precision.

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