Revit Family Creation

eLogicTech has the expertise in offering Revit family modeling and creation services that involve the modeling of each element of the Revit family library. Our BIM specialists work on AutoCAD 2D drawings and hand-drawn sketches to create 3D parametric families to be used or customized. We help develop Revit elements for architectural, structural, and mechanical systems or components.

eLogicTech's Revit family modeling is extremely useful for architects, consultants, real estate firms, and contractors dealing with multiple high-value projects simultaneously. To learn more about our services and scope of work, do reach out and one of our experienced business development managers will take you through the entire process.

Revit Family Creation

Benefits of eLogicTech's

Revit Family Modeling Service


We create a customizable Revit family so that you save time in re-creating and modifying similar BIM models.


Our BIM specialists develop the standardized Revit models so that you don't need to worry about adhering to maintain design consistency in every model.


With a complete set of Revit family, it's easier to customize model options and present before the stakeholders as per choice and requirements.


As you have the Revit family ready and verified, there's no chance that your BIM model will go wrong.

Revit Family Modeling Services from eLogicTech

Along with point cloud to BIM, Revit Dynamo scripting, and BIM model auditing, Revit family creation is one of our specialized services. The BIM family modeling service provides parametric Revit models to intelligently assemble construction elements for effective planning, designing, and construction. Some of our key services are as follows:

Architectural Family Creation

Our architectural Revit family creation service includes modeling of the building components such as doors, windows, floors, ceilings, partitions, grills, stairs, wall decors, furniture, etc.

Structural Family Creation

Our structural Revit family modeling service includes modeling of wood, metal, and concrete structural components, such as beams, joints, columns, trusses, etc.

Mechanical Family Creation

eLogicTech's mechanical Revit family library creation service includes modeling of tanks, pumps, compressors, electrical component regulators, shop fitting furniture, etc.

Customized Revit Family Creation

Our BIM consultants are highly experienced in creating customized sets of Revit models specific to your construction or product requirement so that you don't need to spend on standardization again.


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Contact eLogicTech for Accurate Revit Family Library

eLogicTech has been offering BIM services for years. Making use of Autodesk Revit, our team helps clients create in-place family, system family, and loadable family types.

Based on clients' unique project/product requirements, we develop an interdependent Revit family library that automatically aligns based on the parameters change in one model. If you have a Revit family creation requirement and you want to partner with a reliable BIM outsourcing company in India, contact us today.


Revit family creation is the process of developing parametric Revit families, which are reusable building components that can be inserted into Revit models. Revit families are essential for BIM projects, as they allow for efficient and consistent modeling of building elements.

eLogicTech can create a wide range of Revit families, including:
- Architectural families: Doors, windows, walls, roofs, floors, etc.
- Structural families: Beams, columns, foundations, slabs, etc.
- Mechanical families: HVAC ducts, pipes, fittings, equipment, etc.
- Custom families: Specialized building components that are not readily available in Revit libraries.

A Revit family template is a predefined starting point for creating Revit families. It provides a basic framework, including parameters, behaviors, and geometry, that can be customized to create specific building components.

We understand that every project is unique, and our team can tailor Revit families to match your project's exact specifications and standards. Whether you need custom parametric components, specialized fixtures, or unique building elements, our experts can create Revit families that align with your project's specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration and accuracy in your BIM models.

The cost of Revit family creation varies depending on the complexity of the family, the desired level of detail, and the specific requirements of the project. eLogicTech offers customized pricing plans tailored to specific project requirements and budgets.

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