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eLogicTech offers a comprehensive home furniture modeling service for developing sustainable furniture models. Be it unique furniture designs for your home or market, eLogicTech works with your concept sketches, models them, and brings your visualization into reality. With an experienced team of furniture modelers, vetted modern designs, and production technology, eLogicTech helps you mass-produce furniture in the right color, texture, and design.

Having worked with different types of materials, eLogicTech not only creates models of beautiful furniture but also provides high-quality renderings that help in deciding whether the designs suit the living room, dining, kitchen, or bedroom space. Want to impress consumers or friends with innovative furniture designs? - Contact us today for 3D modeling and realistic rendering.

Home Furniture Modeling

Benefits of Home

Furniture Modeling and Rendering from eLogicTech


eLogicTech team designs and provides realistic 3D furniture models based on custom sketches or dimensions.


Multiple color, texture, and design variations allow furniture manufacturers and sellers to offer a better buying experience to their consumers.


eLogicTech also provides models based on design modifications and suggestions for developing ergonomic furniture designs.


eLogicTech supports innovative furniture design ideas by overcoming any structural challenges.

eLogicTech's Home Furniture Modeling Service

Starting from texture, color, and fabric choice for your sofa to comfortable and warm furniture designs that go with the home decor, eLogicTech's range of services includes but is not limited to the following:

Traditional Home Furniture Modeling

eLogicTech offers to develop 3D models of traditional furniture designs for your home that usually has classic straight lines, elegant symmetry in texture, and tapered legs.

Modern Home Furniture Modeling

Considering the vivid choices of consumers, eLogicTech's furniture design team keeps materials such as plastic, leather, steel, and vinyl in mind while texturing modern home furniture.

Contemporary Furniture Modeling

Our furniture modeling team closely follows industry trends to understand popular furniture designs created in the recent past or a blend of modern designs that can be made without the use of traditional materials.

Rustic Home Furniture Modeling

Passively adopting historic designs, eLogicTech's rustic home furniture modeling service provides 3D furniture models that would feel warm and royal and use traditional materials such as wood, cotton, linen, etc.

Custom Furniture Modeling and Rendering

The custom furniture modeling service from eLogicTech includes modeling and 3D rendering of client-specified furniture designs by visualizing and improvising the client-specified concept sketches.


Product Modeling Outsourcing Company

Avail eLogicTech's 3D Furniture Modeling Service

eLogicTech utilizes cutting-edge CAD software and expertise to develop home furniture models to the taste of modern as well as traditional furniture design lovers. With furniture modeling and high-resolution rendering, retailers and manufacturers can immensely benefit from eLogicTech's range of services.

To learn more about the services and pricing model, contact the eLogicTech team today.


Exterior modeling and rendering is the process of creating a 3D digital representation of an exterior space, such as a building, landscape, or city.

The benefits of using eLogicTech for exterior modeling and rendering include lifelike visualizations, improved design communication, enhanced marketing materials, reduced construction errors, and cost savings in architectural and real estate projects.

As technology advances, exterior modeling and rendering become increasingly sophisticated and realistic. We are constantly exploring new techniques and software to create even more immersive and engaging visuals.

Exterior modeling and rendering has a wide range of applications, including:
- Architectural visualization: Creating realistic visualizations of proposed buildings or developments.
- Urban planning: Visualizing the impact of new developments on the surrounding environment.
- Landscape design: Creating realistic visualizations of proposed landscaping projects.
- Real estate marketing: Creating eye-catching visuals for marketing materials.
- Construction documentation: Creating accurate and detailed 3D models for construction documents.

The cost of exterior modeling and rendering varies depending on a number of factors. For specific pricing on exterior modeling and rendering, please contact us.

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