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Embedded and IOT

Embedded & IOT

Embedded and IOT

Embedded Systems Services

Technology innovations and the availability of low-cost electronic smart devices are the reasons behind a growing adaptation of embedded systems. eLogicTech specializes in system architecture design, prototype testing, firmware development, and compliance certifications as part of a vast embedded system services portfolio.

Being in the engineering industry for over two decades, eLogicTech Solutions understands the demand for controlled IoT devices and is ready to deliver multifunction customized circuit designs. With a team of seasoned engineers, the company designs micro-controller and microprocessor-based embedded systems with immersive GUIs. Engineering design, validation, simulation, and prototyping under one roof, contact us to inquire about our engagement models for embedded system design and design engineering.

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Embedded and IOT

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Embedded System Design services from eLogicTech

Be the machine or device designed to perform a specific function or a series of triggered activities, our team develops the system designs aligning the smallest functions to the objective of the overall unit. Our major embedded systems design services include the following:

Embedded Systems & IOT Services

Embedded System Engineering

From firmware/middleware/stacks/adoption layer development, customization, and integration to preparing the automation scripts, carrying out the isolation check as well as compliance validation are all part of our embedded system engineering service.

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Embedded Systems & IOT Services

Value adds by the eLogicTech engineering team

Keeping the cost and other project-specific constraints in mind, our team customizes the embedded system designs. Here are a few on-demand benefits for the client:


Customized framework designs

Based on the device and functional scopes, our embedded system designs can be customized on-demand.


Scope of scaling

With a futuristic approach, our system designs can have the option for future integration or maintenance based on the constraints.


Optimized designs

Out embedded system designs are optimized against size, capacity, energy consumption, and longevity.


Immersive UI interface design

Making use of VR, AR, and AI, our team designs an integrated system with real-world trigger points.

Contact eLogicTech for embedded system design and custom firmware development

With a perfectly aligned process, eLogicTech helps develop embedded systems that not only perform the set of functions but seamlessly integrate with the other related devices. Moreover, the turn-key solution models from eLogicTech address the demand for tailor-made control keys and functional units across a variety of industries. For a detailed discussion on your requirements and to develop an embedded system design that can robustly integrate to the desired mechanical as well as electrical systems, book a free consultation today.