Embedded System Verification Services

Design Verification and Validation is an essential step of the embedded system development process to ensure the final product meets the product requirement and specifications. eLogicTech is a leading engineering services company specialized in the area of embedded system design verification and validation. Our design verification and simulation approach cover various disciplines of the embedded system from functional behavior, specifications, interoperability, UI, and performance to cost optimization.

eLogicTech uses advanced verification and testing methodologies, such as MIL, SIL, HIL, NI, LabVIEW, TTCN, and automation tools to perform design analysis and simulation, prototype testing, and design validation test. For testing, we comply with certification standards, CE, FCC, UL, EMI / EMC, FDA, FAA, Ingress Protection, DO-254, DO-178, and DO-160. We have successfully validated various embedded projects with several inherent hardware and embedded system limitations.

Embedded System Verification

Benefits of Availing Our Embedded System Verification Services

Our engineers conduct the validation and verification tests looking at its impact throughout the product's life. It helps to debug the system design flaw and optimizes its overall performance. Here are some of the key benefits we bring through our extensive embedded system design validation and verification services:

Conformance to industry standards

eLogicTech adheres to several industry standards and guidelines to ensure the design meets the user's needs, required performance, reliability, safety, and security.

Software validation

We perform software validation by executing the codes in the targeted environment to demonstrate its correct functionality.

Non-functional testing

We also perform non-functional testing like stress, performance, penetration, etc., to bring a robust and reliable design.

Specialization in with different OS

Our team holds expertise in different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, etc. It supports them create BSPs compatible with several OS.

System Verification Services Provided by eLogicTech Solutions

eLogicTech offers a range of services for verifying embedded systems and integrated circuits. It makes the system capable of handling the physical strain, easy to use, function in all eventualities, and tailored accordingly. The validation sub-services are classified below:

Design Analysis & Simulation

eLogicTech performs design analysis of the embedded system to get an insight into the system dynamics and helps examine steady-state capacities, backlog, latencies, etc. We get instantaneous feedback of system & sub-system design with simulation tools, MATLAB/Simulink, dSPACE/Targetlink, and Simplorer.

Prototype Testing

Our engineers do rapid prototyping and create an exact model for testing hardware and software of the system for non-recurring tests. They control signal processing, verify the design functionalities, and evaluate design trade-offs. It is an effective way of finding simulation bugs.

Design Validation Test

Our design validation test ensures that the design of the embedded system conforms with user needs, functionalities, safety, security, and intended usage. The validation methods used by us are NI/LabVIEW, TTCN, and automation to get the desired result.

Compliance Certifications

We perform compliance tests on a specific number of samples using special codes. For this, we follow several industry-specific certification standards such as CE, FCC, UL, EMI / EMC, FDA, FAA, etc. It evaluates the system design on its performance, function, robustness, interoperability, and behavior.

Embedded System Verification Services

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eLogicTech Solutions has a diverse embedded system design verification and validation experience. Our team continually works to optimize the embedded system design, its functional behavior, performance, load, power & footprint, and the regression and execution time across different industries. Outsource your embedded system design validation and validation to our team of specialists to get reliable and accurate solutions.

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