Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis in mechanical engineering helps validate the design concepts, optimize its performance, and solve complex engineering problems. eLogicTech Solutions is a renowned finite element analysis consultant, addressing several technical issues and challenges related to the mechanical engineering design of products. We perform structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, thermal analysis, and fatigue analysis to predict the model behavior due to physical effects. Our design optimization solutions are aligned to meet the client’s needs.

We have a team of FEA experts, mechanical engineers, and quality analysts with the required skills and diverse industry experience. Our team uses comprehensive FEA and simulation tools like AutoCAD, Invertor, Ansys, and COSMOS to perform various static, dynamic, and thermal analyses. To understand more on how eLogicTech provides FEA support for any product or unique design challenges, contact us.

Finite Element Analysis

Benefits of Our Finite Element Analysis Services

Our tailor-made FEA solutions promise quality, reliability, sustainability, safety, and optimum performance. Some of the key benefits we provide to our clients are listed down:

Multi-body dynamic analysis

Our mechanical engineers perform multi-body dynamic analysis to improve the design of multi-bar linkages and other complex engineering mechanisms.

Electromagnetic design optimization

eLogicTech uses electromagnetic design optimization tools that solve the maxwell’s equation in the time or frequency domain. It helps to increase efficiency and weight reduction.

Avoids re-assessment of design

Our Finite element analysis optimizes the product design and saves time and effort lost in the re-assessment of product design.

Avoids prototype testing failures

The expertise in FEA of various product designs across industries gives us the competence to avoid any prototype testing failure.

Structural Modeling and FEA Service Offered by eLogicTech

eLogicTech has extensive knowledge of various types of FEA methods that assist in validating, testing, and improving your product design. We provide FEA solutions at all stages of the product modeling, from design to fabrication. The major FEA sub-services we provide are as follows:

Structural Analysis

Our structural analysis tool evaluates the product structural design under stipulated loads, pressure, boundaries, and conditions. We use finite element computer simulation to optimize the material, strength, weight, and cost of product design.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our CFD service solves complex problems that involve the interaction of fluid-fluid, fluid-solid, and fluid-gas, for example, in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. We use Autodesk CFD, Ansys CFX, etc., to simulate compressible and incompressible fluids through pipes, ducts, and impellers.

Fatigue Analysis

We use the FEA simulation technique to perform fatigue lifecycle analysis of any machine or product under given physical conditions. Various fatigue methods our experts use are fractures, welds, vibrations, etc.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis helps find the factors like temperature distribution, temperature gradient, and heat flow in the product model. We use the best thermal analysis software like Ansys and COSMOS to optimize water boilers, heat exchangers, cooling fins, etc.

Design Optimization

We perform design optimization after understanding the objective and required specification of the product. FEA simulation tools ensure that the product component maintains its strength, safety factor, and weight to avoid failure.

Finite Element Analysis Services

Mechanical Design Outsourcing Company

Let Your High-Priority Finite Element Analysis be Done by the Experts

At eLogicTech, our FEA experts are serving industries across several domains such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, consumer products, industrial equipment, and power generation, etc. As it requires knowledge of numerous product structures and experience in the context of different industries to meet the end project objectives, eLogicTech provides customized FEA solutions to understand the requirements without much assistance. Outsource your FEA requirement to eLogicTech to get in-depth insights on your product’s performance and optimization feasibility.

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Finite Element Analysis is a computational technique used to analyze the behavior of structures and components under various conditions. It divides complex structures into smaller elements, making it possible to simulate and predict how they will respond to forces and loads.

Yes, our team collaborates with clients to optimize materials and design based on FEA results, ultimately improving product performance, structural integrity, and efficiency.

eLogicTech's FEA process typically involves the following steps:
- Model creation: We will create a 3D model of your product using CAD software.
- Meshing: We will divide the 3D model into a mesh of smaller elements.
- Material definition: We will define the material properties of each element.
- Boundary conditions: We will apply boundary conditions to the model, such as loads, supports, and constraints.
- Analysis: We will run the FEA analysis to calculate the stresses, strains, and deformations of the model.
- Post-processing: We will analyze the results of the FEA and present them to you in a clear and concise format.

We use advanced software and industry expertise to ensure accuracy and reliability in FEA simulations. We provide clients with detailed reports and visualizations, enabling them to make informed decisions about design improvements and modifications.

The cost of FEA varies depending on the complexity of your product and the desired level of detail in the analysis. eLogicTech offers customized pricing plans tailored to your specific needs..

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