Piping Engineering

Precise and efficient piping design and engineering are crucial for the proper transport of fluids in a plant, maximizing the plant’s operational capacity, and avoiding losses due to faulty piping design. eLogicTech Solutions is a leading piping engineering solution provider, developing complex piping systems for oil & gas industries, power plants, chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, and other industries.

We follow industry-specific and international standards for piping layout, 3D modeling, pipe design & drafting, stress analysis, hydraulic design, and other piping support services. Our piping team is an expert in Conceptual design, FEED, isometric & GA drawings, PDMS, FEA, and other piping calculations. We also have the necessary resources & skills, such as CAESAR II, AutoCAD, AFMTIMPULSE, Naviswork, and CAEpipe, for an efficient piping design. Contact us to learn more about the process efficiency that we bring in with our comprehensive piping solutions.

Piping Engineering

What Piping Engineering Design Benefits You Can Avail?

Availing piping engineering service from professionals brings quality, accuracy, operational efficiency, cost benefits, and several other benefits. Listed below are some of them:

Spatial Coordination

eLogicTech creates 3D models considering spatial coordination. It helps in avoiding clashes and provides seamless integration with the existing structures.

Accurate piping vibration assessment

We follow specific guidelines and methodologies for accurate piping vibration analysis or thermal analysis at the design phase that helps avoid failures and increases its performance.

Piping material specification

Our material specification service helps calculate the type and quantity of pipes required for a project. We also develop a bill of materials and collaborate with suppliers, if necessary.

Latest tools and technologies

At eLogicTech, we use the latest tools and technologies for Piping design and stress analysis, such as PDS, PDMS, CAESAR II, MicroStation, SPPID, AutoCAD, Naviswork, etc.

Piping Design Services from eLogicTech

eLogicTech provides an extensive piping service. It includes process & utility piping design, above & below piping system, thermal & dynamic pipe stress analysis, and pipe specifications for carbon steel, galvanized, copper, glass-lined pipe, stainless steel, etc. The list of our primary sub-services is as follows.

Piping Layout Design and Modeling

We create a piping layout design and 3D model that gives an in-depth view of the piping system. Our intelligent and integrated 3D model considers space utilization, optimum pipe routing, right support location, and easy maintenance & dismantling.

Pipe Design and Drafting

Our piping engineering specialists develop a detailed pipe design and drafting supporting the plant layout, machinery design, and HVAC solutions. Our specialists use the 3D model to create 2D GA drawings and isometric drawings complying with standards and codes such as ANSI, API, and ASME.

Pipe Stress Analysis

Our piping engineers consider several parameters, thermal gradient, thermal transients, weights, pressure, and bolt-up strain for thermal and dynamic pipe stress analysis. They also perform environmental load analysis(wind/seismic), design pipes to withstand PSV discharge load, and perform fatigue analysis for high pressure. The stress analysis tool used is CAESAR II, NozzlePRO, and FETee.

Hydraulic Design

Our engineers and design team follow a few basic steps for an effective hydraulic design. Selection and sizing of components, determining the system operating pressure & flow rate, and finding the component specification to meet the design objective. We provide detailed hydraulic design for industrial & commercial building services like wastewater management systems, gas services, fire hydrants, fire sprinkler systems, etc.

Piping Engineering Service

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Our vast exposure to piping design and engineering has made us a pioneer in this field. eLogicTech has years of experience in 3D piping design, piping layout, stress analysis, isometric drawings, hydraulic design, generating bills of materials, and other piping services. We strive to deliver quality, precision, safety, and cost benefits to our clients, through our piping solutions.

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