Rebar Services

A rebar (Reinforcing Bar) is a mesh of steel wires designed to add strength and reduce tension in reinforced concrete structures. Along with concrete compression capacity, rebar adds tensile strength to the overall structure. eLogicTech’s rebar services involve the fabrication and detailing of tension-resistant steel structures to provide durability against cracks and temperature-induced stresses.

Our engineering team assists in making use of grade 250 or 250 N/mm2 high-yield steel wires to reinforce or constrain masonry concrete structures. For construction and conservation, our rebar placing and rebar detailing services ensure the use of the right form of steel bars (round/ribbed/stretched/square-twisted) meeting both sustainability and aesthetic purposes. Along with Tekla steel detailing services, contact us for our rebar services adhering to all global standards of bar, coil, and de-coiled product specifications.

Rebar Services

Benefits of Availing

Our Rebar Steel Structure Design Services

Precise Rebar Detailing

Detailing of overall steel structure to each and every section to assist in accurate installation and placing of reinforced steel bars.

Adherence to Global Standards

Along with any specified global steel standards, our services follow BS 4449:2005 rebar specification standards.

Intensive Multi-level QC

To ensure the rebar shop drawings and estimation are accurate, our team ensures a multi-level quality check for each deliverable.

Study and Revision of Dimensional Drawings

As part of our structural engineering service, we study, evaluate, and suggest a revision of rebar fabrication drawings with respect to elevations, locations, and sizes of elements.

eLogicTech’s Range of Rebar Services

Whether you plan to use carbon steel rebar, galvanized rebar, or stainless steel rebar, eLogicTech’s engineering team can help with customized rebar services for your next high-value project.

Rebar Fabrication

Our team provides the structural designs and rebar fabrication drawings that can help create typical horizontal and vertical reinforced steel support in the form of double-layered rebar grids, and stretched, twisted, and ribbed rebars as required.

Rebar Estimation

Our rebar estimation is custom-generated through advanced tools and evaluated by experienced structural engineers based on your project size and scope to find out the exact quantities of concrete, steel, and brickwork from layout drawings.

Rebar Detailing

eLogicTech’s steel detailing team provides the numbers, sizes, and other construction details of the joints, ties, and stirrups to loop around the steel bars for creating appropriate steel structures of the required strength and resistance.

Rebar Placing

As installation and placement of the steel bars are extremely important, our rebar placing service involves the precise positioning of the round rebars, rebar cages, and rectangular stirrups along the columns and beams to avoid shear failure.


Structural Outsourcing Company

Outsource Rebar Steel Structure Design Requirements to eLogicTech

Apart from Civil, architectural, and BIM services, rebar services are one of the specialized structural engineering offerings from eLogicTech. With a global presence and an in-house team of engineers, eLogicTech ensures the quality and cost of all steel structure design projects.

For accurate steel structures that can carry the calculated tensile loads and increase the overall strength of the building structure, avail our rebar steel support.

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