3D CAD Standardization Service

eLogicTech offers 3D CAD standardization services that include the preparation of CAD drawing standards and procedure manuals. The services from eLogicTech aim at providing CAD conversion and standardization of drawings, terminologies, and processes for easy coordination and communication among project teams.

eLogicTech assists organizations in creating the standard drafting procedures to distribute the CAD conversion services among their employees as well as their consultants, contractors, and others. These procedures are meant to give employees and consultants guidance on how to effectively work within a standardized framework. These standards and procedures are the primary reference documents, which we also help to revise and update as required. For more information on eLogicTech's services, click contact us and get on a quick call with the CAD experts.


Benefits of eLogicTech's

CAD Standardization Strategy


eLogicTech takes care of the conversion of CAD drawings as per the geography-specific standards without much of your assistance.


With eLogicTech, businesses can help their clients in adhering to any local construction standards and government guidelines.


Following ISO-suggested processes, eLogicTech ensures complete information privacy and data security of your critical project details.


From the creation of CAD drawings to detailing, cost estimation, and preparing CAD standardization strategy, eLogicTech can help with all with ease.

CAD Standardization Services from eLogicTech

CAD standards from eLogicTech facilitate information sharing between the parties since they have the capability to define the ownership of the data within the supply chain. Some of eLogicTech's key CAD standardization services are as follows:

CAD Conversion Service

eLogicTech helps convert old paper-based drawings, conceptual sketches, or scanned blueprints into engineering CAD drawings complying with the global construction standards or as specified by the client.

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CAD Standard Localization Service

The eLogicTech team is aware of the global CAD standards and provides CAD standard localization service that involves standardization of drawings as per the CAD standards followed in the country where the project is located.

AEC CAD Standard Drawings

eLogicTech helps businesses with the right CAD standardization strategy that has the focused objective of creating or re-creating CAD drawings and specification documents adhering to the European AEC CAD standards.

United States Nations CAD Standard (NCS) Drawings

eLogicTech's team is highly experienced in United States National CAD standards and assists architects, consultants, and real estate firms in developing standard BID documents complying with the CAD drawing standards prescribed in the US.


Standardization Outsourcing Company

3D CAD Standardization Service for Consistent Standard Drafting Procedure

With a highly experienced team of engineers and architects, eLogicTech offers you a reliable 3D CAD standardization service ensuring localized compliance. Layering, file naming, and standardization of title blocks and paper layouts, the specialist team offers to relieve clients from CAD conversion headaches.

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