Mechanical and Industrial Design

Mechanical engineering is a vast area and requires expert advice for industrial automation and optimized machinery usage for operational efficiency. With an in-house team of engineers, eLogicTech Solutions provides a range of mechanical engineering services designed for construction firms, plants, and manufacturing units. Be it concept designing, mechanical design validation, product modeling, and prototyping, or CNC programming, our value engineering services have helped many organizations over the years.

Our engineering designs are developed based on careful analysis of the industry requirements, equipment load, capacity, and other regions/industry-specific compliance guidelines. For a detailed discussion on scaling, retrofitting, or setting up a mass-production unit or specific-purpose plant, contact us.

Mechanical Design

Benefits of Value Engineering Services from the Experts at eLogicTech

Addressing the core challenges of equipment integration, automation, and process optimization, our industrial design services offer the following key benefits:

Cutting-edge software and infrastructure

Making use of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and advanced FEA software, eLogicTech ensures precision in product designs.

Experience working on different industries

With delivered design engineering projects for different industries, we understand the requirements well.

Compliance with global standards and practices

As every industry has a set of standards, our experts take the designs through an appropriate design validation process.

Industry experts working on your critical project

With years of experience in structural analysis, product modeling, and value engineering projects, your project is in good hands.

Mechanical Design Engineering Services from eLogicTech

Product design consultants at eLogicTech analyze the design requirements and reference products (if any) to reverse engineer and develop optimized prototype designs. Our design engineering services are as follows:

Concept Designing

Experienced in mechanical concept design and new product development, our team provides concept designs and 3D visualizations of control units, panel designs, and reverse-engineered products with enhanced capacity and features.

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Engineering Design

Making use of additive (SLA, SLS, FDM, etc.) and subtractive (injection molding, CNC programming, casting, etc.) processes, eLogicTech provides extensive engineering designs, part drawings, and 3D models for rapid prototyping.

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Finite Element Analysis

With sophisticated infrastructure and advanced software, our mechanical engineering team conducts static, dynamic, thermal, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), linear/non-linear, electromagnetic, and fatigue analysis as part of our finite analysis services.

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Product Animation

As part of our 3D product animation and visualization services, clients can avail of process animations, assembly animations, technical animations, realistic 3D models, and exploded view animations of new products or prototypes.

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Product Modeling

Based on the product design requirements specific to a new, altered, re-engineered, or existing product for reverse engineering, our team provides 3D models of products, parts, and assemblies, as well as the extracted component-wise cross-sectional drawings.

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Design Validation and Optimization

Design validation is a specialized service, eLogicTech helps in the validation, verification, and optimization of product designs considering the functional requirements, engineering thresholds, and plant safety guidelines.

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Mechanical and Industrial Design Services

Mechanical Design Outsourcing Company

Partner with an Engineering House – Outsource Complex Mechanical Engineering Requirements to eLogicTech

As industrial designing requires deep analysis and mechanical engineering expertise, eLogicTech has formed a specialized engineering unit to handle specific-purpose projects in this space. With a scalable engineering workforce and industry expertise, clients can outsource mechanical design engineering projects and benefit from our vast industrial design portfolio under one roof.

For a free consultation with one of our business heads and discuss your requirements, book an appointment today.


Mechanical engineering services encompass a wide range of activities related to the design, analysis, and development of mechanical systems, components, and products. These services are crucial for ensuring the functionality and performance of various engineering projects.

eLogicTech's mechanical design services offer a number of benefits, including:
- Cutting-edge software and infrastructure
- Experience working on different industries
- Compliance with global standards and practices
- Industry experts working on your critical project

Our services cater to a wide range of projects and industries, including manufacturing, product design, automotive, aerospace, and more. We can tailor our services to meet specific project requirements.

Mechanical design focuses on the conceptualization, planning, and specification of mechanical components and systems, while engineering design encompasses a broader range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. Mechanical design is a subset of engineering design that specifically deals with mechanical components and systems.

The specific deliverables for a mechanical design project will vary depending on the project's scope and complexity. However, common deliverables may include:
1. Detailed mechanical drawings
2. 3D mechanical models
3. Finite element analysis (FEA) reports
4. Product animation 5. Instructional manuals
6. Bill of materials (BOM)

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