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With rapidly evolving technologies, project teams need to plan the system architecture design ahead of time to be able to scale up and integrate with diverse systems. As part of its embedded systems portfolio, eLogicTech Solutions provides system architecture design services that address the challenges of adopting new technologies when required.

With embedded system architecture design service, our team of engineers analyzes the existing system, evaluates the portability options, and then plans the system architecture aligning to the new requirements. Be it choosing the right sensors, modems, processors, or control chips, designing the complete PCB, or even customizing, those are part of our service range. To discuss your project and for quick suggestions on how to take it forward, book a free consultation with one of our embedded system experts.

System Architecture Design

Benefits of Availing Value adds by the eLogicTech engineering team

System architecture design and optimization is a specialist’s job that requires infrastructure as well as experience not to increase the overhead cost. The key benefits of our system layout design services are as follows:

Assistance for cost-effective assembly

Our team helps in re-design, modification, and optimization of PCB design suitable for cost-effective assembly or mass production.

Performance enhancement of your PCB board

Be it reduction of power consumption or decluttering to further compact the board, our FGPA-ASIC addresses your concerns.

All types of PCB boards supported

Our team does the designing, configuring, and value engineering of all categories of boards with adherence to required compliance.

Ensured design security

eLogicTech ensures every possible measure to secure the design security of control units and other IoT-based integrations secure from unauthorized access.

Embedded system architecture design services from eLogicTech

Our system architecture design is a meticulous process that requires a thorough understanding of the existing system and optimizing the system layout design to activate the new objectives. eLogicTech provides the following under the hood of system architecture design services:

PCB Layout and Design

Our PCB layout and design service includes new PCB design from scratch, layout design from existing design schematics or BOM based on your concept design, and complete PCB documentation.

FPGA Design Service

Our FPGA service is a turnkey solution that involves customized FPGA designs, design modifications to existing FPGA boards, along the creation of network interfaces on-demand.

ASIC Design Service

Be it for a special purpose EDA tool, designing of systems, sub-systems, or an ad-hoc applicational controller, our team helps design and integrate IC chips into your existing system.

FPGA to ASIC Conversion

Based on your exact PCB board configuration and overall system layout design, eLogicTech develops the single ASIC chip customized, keeping all the functional activities in multiple FPGAs.

Modems and Sensors

Our embedded systems engineers help in designing, configuring, and integrating the right modems and sensors to achieve the objectives specific to control, monitoring, and function.

Processor and Controller Selection

Our team considers the performance, power consumption, operating voltage, processing units, and overall peripherals and aligns your requirements to suggest the appropriate processor or controller unit.

System Architecture Design Services

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eLogicTech has been observing the dynamic business scenarios in and around the engineering industry and provides customized custom system architecture designs for specific needs. Starting from the evaluation of the conceptual system designs to design optimization, integration compatibility, and documentation – are all taken care of by our futuristic team of embedded services.

Not jumping on to the price pointers, let’s have a quick discussion on your requirements so that we’ll get the opportunity to send you the customized best quote possible.

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