Retail Space Planning and Designing Services

The retail space planning and designing service from eLogicTech offers to create the most pleasing retail experience for your customers. With efficient planning of the build space and visualizing your store plan, the eLogicTech team provides the most appropriate retail space design.

We believe space planning is an art form and visualizing how you place the merchandise and furniture utilizing the store space brings the best out of it. While retail space drafting, we consider various key deciding factors, such as product placement, service areas, store fixture layout, and cross-merchandising. We also take proactive measures to provide the most appealing store space design that is in line with your marketing and sales objectives. To learn more about how we approach the space planning projects, contact us.

Retail Space Planning and Designing

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Retail Space Planning and Designing Service


If you need a change in the look of your store based on festivals or weather without making a lot of structural changes, we can help.


Our designers are highly experienced in creating the best store plan based on your requirements without needing much assistance.


We understand that branding is important and provide store plans keeping an eye on your customer preferences and branding requirements.


Over the last two decades, we have delivered hundreds of retail space drafting projects and have an in-house team to handle huge projects.

Retail Space Design and Drafting Services by eLogicTech

Our retail space designers understand that if you have a small space, you need to arrange the merchandise strategically so that the store doesn't feel cluttered. Similarly, if you have a bigger space, we suggest the most appropriate space design to impress the customers. Our key retail space drafting services are as below:

Store Plan Designing

eLogicTech has years of experience in providing store plan designs based on the space constraints in the store, type of merchandise, audience preferences, and the client's unique requirements.

Retail Space Drafting

Whether you have just one store or multiple space planning projects, we provide zoning, space design, layout design, interior design, store refreshing, and seasonal decor based on your branding elements.

Store Extension Designing

Based on the space and your objective of store extension, eLogicTech's retail space planners suggest the best possible space design, furniture design, exact dimensions, and placement for a neat and nicer look and feel.

3D Space Modeling

As a leading retail space drafting and design company, we assist clients in space planning and visualizing their store interiors with custom requirements. All our 3D models and renderings are detailed with varied colors, textures, and furniture to choose from.


Architectural Outsourcing Company

Outsource Retail Space Drafting to India at the Best Price

If you are planning to outsource retail space design to India, eLogicTech's offshore team can help you out. Having assisted hundreds of retail clients in planning their stores for commercial or storage purposes around the world, we understand what you need.

Contact eLogicTech with your concept plan and one of our business development managers will call you on how to get started with a custom quote.


Retail space planning is the strategic arrangement and design of physical retail spaces to optimize the shopping experience for customers and maximize sales. It involves the layout, placement of products, and overall design of the retail environment.

Our Retail Space Planning and Designing services encompass a wide range of solutions, including store layout design, interior aesthetics, signage, and lighting to create attractive and functional retail spaces.

Professional design enhances customer experience, optimizes product placement, and improves traffic flow, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Yes, we specialize in creating customized designs that align with a client's brand identity and merchandise style. We work closely with clients to ensure their retail spaces reflect their unique vision.

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