BIM Quantity Takeoff

Precision in BIM quantity takeoff directly impacts the scheduling and cost estimation of the construction process. eLogicTech understands this and offers to assist contractors, architects, and real estate firms with expert quantity survey and quantity estimation services.

Through extensive analysis of each and every element in the BIM geometry, eLogicTech's team of engineers provides the material quantity details aligned with cost. Using tools like Estimator360, Autodesk Revit, and Navisworks and years of functional expertise, eLogicTech helps project completion in time with accurate quantity takeoff modeling. If you want to know more about eLogicTech's construction takeoff service, contact us today.

BIM Quantity Takeoff Services


Why Avail Quantity Estimation Service from eLogicTech


The quantity takeoff service helps in integrating quantity details with BIM operations such as milestone mapping, cost estimation, etc.


Comprehensive cost estimation allows better project coordination among contractors/sub-contractors/fabricators, and hassle-free handover as well.


The quantity takeoff reports aligned with the cost details assist engineers, contractors, and investors in getting real-time project coordinates for informed decisions.


eLogicTech's experienced team goes the extra mile to segregate materials, types, and costs for more control over construction quality, cost, and schedule.

eLogicTech's Construction Takeoff Service

With an in-house team of skilled engineers and a wealth of experience in handling construction projects over the years, eLogicTech has designed its construction takeoff service which includes the following:

  • Preparation of pre-construction work order sheet
  • Categorization and detailed material takeoff from construction plan or BIM model
  • Creation of a parametric quantity estimation model
  • Extraction of vital project information and alignment with cost and timelines
  • Preparation of clear and concise quantity/cost estimation document for project handover or coordination
BIM quantity takeoff

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Partner with eLogicTech for BIM Quantity Survey and Quantity Takeoff

eLogicTech has close to a decade-long experience in handling construction projects across geographies. With a clear understanding of project type, magnitude, weather, and material supply circumstances, eLogicTech's team of estimators provides the most accurate BIM quantity takeoff data. With proactive communication and transparent pricing models, eLogicTech's team thrives to achieve its objective of quality services within the agreed timelines.

Contact us for any quantity survey or material takeoff requirements and one of our specialists will reach you at the earliest.


A Quantity Takeoff procedure is a process in construction and cost estimation where you calculate the exact quantities and costs of materials, labor, and resources needed for a project. It involves reviewing project plans, breaking down components, and measuring quantities for accurate cost estimation.

BIM is incredibly useful for quantity takeoff because it provides a detailed and accurate 3D model of a building or structure. This model contains all the information needed for precise measurements and material quantities, making quantity takeoff more efficient and accurate.

BIM Quantity Takeoff provides highly accurate data, which is invaluable for cost estimation and project planning. It enables you to create more precise and detailed estimates, reducing the risk of cost overruns and helping in effective resource allocation.

Our BIM Quantity Takeoff services provide accurate and detailed quantity data, helping you streamline cost estimation, reduce errors, and improve project budgeting. It also offers a faster and more efficient way to track and manage project resources.

Yes, we understand that each construction project is unique. Our team can customize BIM Quantity Takeoff services to match the specific requirements of your project, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial in nature.

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