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Product Modeling

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Product Modeling

3D Product Modeling Services from eLogicTech

Either for distinctive living or unique brand presence, customized build spaces are a priority these days. From designer roofing ventilation, construction membranes, and classic coral flooring designs to matching flanged roller blinds are some of the building products that are uniquely getting created using technology and skill. eLogicTech uses the physical/organizational/cognitive ideas of ergonomics and architectural geometry to model building product designs that are sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our expertise team of Architects & Engineers, develop BIM parametric Product Models that can be referred for manufacturing the building products of different sizes and shapes based on space and ambiance design. With an in-house team of experienced designers, drafters, and project managers, eLogicTech visualizes and models custom designs for floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and furniture from the core concepts.

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Building product modeling and customization services from eLogicTech

Our team is highly proficient in cutting-edge software like BIM, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, etc., to create flawless life-like building objects and models. The vast range of product modeling and visualization services from eLogicTech includes:

Product Modeling

How building product manufacturers can be benefitted from eLogicTech

eLogicTech allows building product manufacturers and project owners to share their raw sketches or concept ideas, and we will create a library full of products for them to showcase or start production. Following are some of the key benefits of our 3D product modeling services:


Realistic product visualization

With Revit 3D modeling, and photorealistic rendering infrastructure, we provide realistic models of custom-building products.


Extensive digital product catalog

Using our design visualization capability, product manufacturers can have a vast product catalog of each design or product family.


Parametric product design modeling

Our parametric modeling capability helps in developing the product models and Revit families that can be scaled as required.


Unique product designs and matching building library

Unique product models can be developed adhering to a specific color theme, design patterns, and brand guidelines.

Partner with the building product modeling and 3D visualization specialists

Being in the industry for close to two decades, the eLogicTech team has carved a name for itself in the AEC space. The team believes in meeting the clients' end objective of designing the right building objects and selling in greater numbers. Our building product modeling, 3D visualization, and Revit family creation services aim at providing sustainable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing products meeting the custom requirements. Reach out to our business development managers for a custom quote today.