MEP Plumbing and Firefighting

eLogicTech provides highly professional plumbing and firefighting services for residential, commercial, and semi-industrial buildings. Starting from designing backflow preventers, automatic fire alarm systems, and greywater recycling systems to replacing plumbing risers, eLogicTech offers complete MEP plumbing design solutions.

Ensuring that the plumbing engineering designs are sustainable and keep your water bills under control, eLogicTech's key services include the development and optimization of natural gas, sprinkler water, sewer, and domestic water management systems. Similarly, the fire protection engineering service by eLogicTech designs the core and alternative fire alarm and protection systems.

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MEP Plumbing and Firefighting

Why Opt for Plumbing and Firefighting

Services from eLogicTech


eLogicTech's engineers plan advanced plumbing mediums integrating modern water conservation and utilization mechanisms for an eco-friendly as well as cost-effective system in place.


The team at eLogicTech chooses the right plumbing equipment and plans the most effective firefighting mechanisms, such as dry fire hydrants and other environment-friendly resources.


eLogicTech values the clients' time and has a round-the-clock support team to answer their queries. With a transparent process, the clients remain updated about the project status at all times.


Each project and client is unique to us. Assigning a dedicated point of contact for each project, eLogicTech ensures the communication between the clients and the eLogicTech technical team on the same page.

eLogicTech's Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering Services

eLogicTech provides a wide range of plumbing design and firefighting services under the umbrella of MEP engineering service. Some of the key services include:

Piping Design and Drafting service

eLogicTech creates the pipe routing, and firefighting layouts for hydraulic and fire systems and ensures that they all adhere to NFPA guidelines.

Design Calculations

For efficient water management fire protection systems, eLogicTech's engineers provide an estimation of domestic water capacity, pipe sizing, pressure drop threshold, drainage flow level, sump pit estimation, and all other calculations related to hydraulic systems.

Plumbing & Firefighting As-built Drawings

At eLogicTech, the engineering team prepares isometric, P&IDs for piping drawings and creates riser diagrams for plumbing & fire protection systems.

Plumbing and Firefighting

MEP Outsourcing Company

Partner with eLogicTech for Highly Professional Plumbing and Firefighting Services

The MEP consulting engineers at eLogicTech bring decades of first-hand working experience in handling large scale AEC projects. Adhering to the global construction regulation and fire protection engineering guidelines, eLogicTech offers to design the best plumbing system for the clients' projects.

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Plumbing services encompass professional tasks related to the installation, maintenance, repair, and design of plumbing systems in buildings, including the distribution of clean water and the removal of wastewater. These services involve tasks like installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrades to ensure plumbing systems work effectively and efficiently.

Fire protection in plumbing involves the installation of systems and equipment designed to prevent, control, or suppress fires within a building. This includes fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, hose reels, pumps, and other components to enhance fire safety.

Our firefighting system design and installation services ensure that buildings meet fire safety codes and regulations. We provide systems such as fire sprinklers, hydrants, and standpipes, all designed to control and suppress fires effectively.

Yes, we understand that every project is unique. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific plumbing and firefighting needs, whether it's a residential, commercial, or industrial project.

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