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The MEP conversion service from eLogicTech helps in converting legacy drawings into 2D CAD Drawings and BIM models. Be it the concept sketches, hand-drawn drawings, or two-dimensional MEP drawings in PDF form, eLogicTech's engineers can create the BIM MEP models out of it. The MEP engineers also use Autodesk Navisworks extensively to do the clash detection and produce 100% clash free model as per client requirement including MEP shop drawings.

If you are looking for an expert CAD conversion service provider who can manually develop the details from your age-old drawings and can give you the MEP drawings with 100% accuracy, eLogicTech can help. Do a live chat with the MEP team or click the Contact Us button to get started.

MEP Conversion

How eLogicTech's CAD

Conversion Services Can Benefit


The MEP drawings created by eLogicTech are compliant with all engineering standards, such as ASHRAE, SMACNA, IPC, UPC, IEEE, IGBC, CPC, and NFPA as required by the client.


The eLogicTech team ensures that all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings are systematically analyzed for discrepancies and modified accordingly.


eLogicTech team is experienced to work on various industry projects (residential/industrial/hospital/hotel/laboratories/data centers, etc.) with different MEP requirements.


Being a trusted MEP engineering outsourcing service provider, eLogicTech has an in-house engineering team to support your bulk CAD conversion requirements at the best price.

MEP Conversion Services Provided by eLogicTech

Along with clash detection, eLogicTech provides the following MEP conversion services:

Paper to MEP Conversion

If you have legacy drawings in the form of hand-drawn sketches, eLogicTech's team can carefully reflect the minute details into the CAD drawing and extract the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting drawings.

PDF to CAD Conversion

All your two-dimensional drawings in PDF can be extracted and eLogicTech's team of drafters can develop the 2D CAD drawings that allow you to change, modify, or improvise the drawings.

Image to CAD Conversion

eLogicTech can develop 2D CAD drawings and also develop the MEP drawings from scanned images. Our team ensures that the MEP drawings developed from the images are accurate and can be used as a project reference.


MEP Outsourcing Company

Accurate and Cost-effective CAD Drafting and Conversion Services from eLogicTech

With over 20 years of operation in the AEC sphere, eLogicTech is a leading BIM outsourcing partner to many large corporate as well as independent architects and small engineering companies. High-quality CAD drawings, MEP drafting/detailing, and co-ordination are some of the key services that eLogicTech offers as part of its MEP conversion service.

For one-time CAD conversion or a long-term bulk order, contact the eLogicTech team today.


MEP conversion is the process of converting 2D MEP drawings into 3D BIM models. This can be done using a manual or automated process.

MEP conversions are crucial for construction projects because they ensure accuracy, efficiency, and effective communication among project stakeholders. Converting MEP plans into digital formats makes it easier to share, modify, and coordinate these essential building systems, resulting in smoother construction processes and reduced errors during implementation.

eLogicTech offers a wide range of MEP conversion services, including:
- 2D to 3D MEP conversion
- BIM model creation
- As-built model creation

The MEP conversion process typically involves the following steps:
1. Project initiation
2. Data collection
3. Model creation
4. Quality assurance and control
5. Model delivery

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