Structural Shop Drawing and Fabrication Drawing

As structural shop drawings are essential for any fabrication industry, eLogicTech offers to assist contractors, fabricators, and construction firms with professional fabrication drawing services. Our team of structural engineers make sure that based on the conceptual structural layout, you receive the complete set of steel shop drawings for the prefabricated components.

Amongst tighter project schedules and longer material supply times, our shop drawings not only act as the complete roadmap for your project managers, but also provides a much more detailed reference than the construction documents. Operating since 1999, eLogicTech has the right skill sets as well as experience to guide you through your residential/industrial/commercial infrastructure development projects. Want to learn more about our pricing model, chat with us live or contact us.

Structural Shop Drawing

Key Takeaways from eLogicTech's

Shop Drawing Services


With professional Tekla steel detailing service, eLogicTech provides accurate erection drawings, component drawings as well as 3D model detailing.


Be it the steel carport, stairs, staircase handrail, or steel canopy, our team has the expertise to provide accurate structural shop drawings.


With access to cutting-edge tools like AutoCAD, Tekla, and Revit, our engineers ensure that you get the drawings in the format you require.


Having an in-house team of structural engineers, eLogicTech ensures 99.99% accuracy without compromising on deadlines on any occasion.

Structural Steel Shop Drawing Services from eLogicTech

As an engineering back office, eLogicTech's structural team provides clients with shop drawings for reinforced concrete structures, precast concrete, steel components, trusses, and more:

Structural Shop Drawing Service

Our team provides a wide range of steel shop drawing and detailing services including construction shop drawing, cabinet shop drawing, precast shop drawing, rebar shop drawing, etc. Some of the other services include as follows:

  • Erection drawings
  • Sheet metal shop drawings
  • Handrail shop drawing
  • Stair shop drawing
  • Single part drawing

Structural Fabrication Drawing Service

Fabrication drawing is one of our specialized structural engineering services, our team provides detailed fabrication drawings that include all types of connection drawings such as welded, bolted, and riveted drawings. Some of our other services include:

  • Tender drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Steel trusses connection drawings

Structural Outsourcing Company

Accurate and Cost-effective Fabrication Drawings from the Specialists

Apart from being a BIM service provider, eLogicTech is a structural engineering specialist that has been assisting clients all over the globe with its professional structural fabrication drawing services. With a customized engagement model and dedicated project manager support, the company has promised to meet the ideal quality versus cost ratio.

Get in touch with our leadership team and witness our transparent and customer-centric fabrication drawing services today.


Structural shop drawings are detailed drawings that are used to fabricate and install structural components.

Structural drawings play a vital role in streamlining construction processes. They help prevent errors, reduce rework, and ensure that the constructed elements meet the required standards and specifications. Additionally, precise structural drawings facilitate better communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, leading to more efficient and cost-effective project execution.

eLogicTech offers a wide range of structural shop drawing services, including:
- Shop drawing creation from structural engineering design drawings
- Shop drawing review and approval
- Shop drawing coordination with other trades
- As-built drawings creation

Shop drawings provide detailed specifications for fabricating specific components, while construction drawings offer a comprehensive overview of the entire project, guiding on-site construction activities.

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