MEP Design and Drafting Services

MEP design and drafting service from eLogicTech assists businesses in critical design decision-making, accurate documentation, and construction planning. The team at eLogicTech understands the importance of accurate MEP designs and helps clients in managing their construction supply chain effectively.

eLogicTech is committed to research and development and driving industry opinion by remaining at the forefront of new technology and changing legislation. The extensive knowledge eLogicTech's team possesses forms the basis of our design expertise. With the growing demand for internationally accepted quality services in MEP engineering, eLogicTech has formed a team of expert drafters and seasoned engineers to provide MEP CAD services in the field of Mechanical Drafting, Electrical Systems, Plumbing and Firefighting (MEP).

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Benefits of eLogicTech's MEP Services

MEP Design and Drafting Services


eLogicTech's team of drafters and engineers has worked on complex MEP projects and also possesses first-hand experience in 2D/3D CAD designs, BIM Services, prototyping, simulation, reverse engineering, etc.


eLogicTech understands the building codes and construction standards followed in different parts of the world including IBC, UBC, ASHRAE, BOMA, IFMA, etc.


eLogicTech gives utmost priority to the delivery timelines and scales up the team of engineers and drafters in case of high-value ad-hoc projects.


eLogicTech has the best-in-the-industry infrastructure to deliver nothing but the best MEP designs. The engineering team leverages the latest architectural software, such as AutoCAD, Navisworks, MicroStation, Revit, etc.

Vast Spectrum of MEP Engineering Service

eLogicTech is a well-known MEP design and drafting services firm in the USA and worldwide. Providing quality MEP engineering services at a competitive cost, eLogicTech's range of services includes but is not limited to the following:

Mechanical Drafting Service

Mechanical drafting service from eLogicTech makes your entire mechanical engineering process hassle-free. eLogicTech helps you visualize your concept designs, analyze, and detail them with the latest software and infrastructure.

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MEP Electrical Design and Drafting

Offering exceptional electrical designs, eLogicTech details the electrical schematics, Single Line Diagrams, and electrical site plans with zero error. eLogicTech also helps in creating a complete electrical plan and suggests improvements in your existing electrical layouts.

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Plumbing Design and Drafting Service

Plumbing and drainage design is one of the crucial parts of any construction plan, the eLogicTech team helps in developing 100% accurate plumbing designs for any residential, commercial, or industrial project.

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MEP Conversion Service

With the MEP conversion service, our skilled drafters can help you convert legacy electrical drawings or concept sketches into MEP engineering-compliant CAD designs. Our MEP CAD services are not only accurate but cost-effective.

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Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

MEP Outsourcing Company

Outsource MEP Electrical Design and Drafting to eLogicTech

eLogicTech's customer-centric approach, streamlined design process, and innovative technical proficiency enable you to add value to your business and turn your attention toward your core competencies.

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MEP engineering is a broad term that encompasses the planning, and design, of mechanical drafting, electrical systems, and plumbing systems in buildings.

MEP design, involves the planning and creation of detailed systems for a building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. This process includes the layout and specifications of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, lighting, and plumbing systems.

MEP drawings are technical drawings that depict the design and layout of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within a building.

There are many benefits to using eLogicTech for MEP services, including:
- Expertise and experience in various building types and project complexities
- Comprehensive range of MEP services, from initial design to construction management
- Integrated approach for seamless coordination of MEP systems
- Dedication to code compliance and industry standards
- Seamless integration with other eLogicTech services for a holistic solution

Yes, eLogicTech provides MEP services in the USA and globally.

The cost of MEP services varies depending on the project's size, complexity, and specific requirements. eLogicTech offers customized pricing plans tailored to specific project requirements and budgets.

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