IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction

A building project requires a set of drawings at the various stages of the project cycle to convey design information and for its development. With its IFC and shop drawing extraction service, eLogicTech offers to extract construction drawings of different stages for better facility management.

The years of experience in variety of AEC projects has given the engineers at eLogicTech the competence to understand the clients' requirements for detailed IFC drawings. eLogicTech follows a process-oriented approach to extract IFC and Shop Drawings which includes defining the project scope, extraction of 2D drawings from 3D BIM model, rectification of errors and alignment of the drawings with the global standard.

eLogicTech's engineering team has access to advanced tools, such as Autodesk BIM 360, Revit, and ArchiCAD to provide specialized Shop Drawing Extraction service to their customers. To get started with your requirements, contact us today.

IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction

Benefits of eLogicTech's

Shop Drawing Extraction Service


eLogicTech's team extracts the drawings of required sections from the BIM model saving significant time and effort.


The extraction of updated project data from revised 3D CAD models allows to work on the recent construction drawings.


eLogicTech’s process-oriented approach assists in detecting errors while extracting the drawings which saves time and money.


eLogicTech segregates the sections according to clients' needs and extracts all sectional drawing to one place improving productivity and efficiency.

eLogicTech’s Drawing Extraction Services

An extensive list of sub-services under Shop Drawing Extraction is offered by eLogicTech in an endeavor to give its clients better fabrication, installation, and other construction activities.

MEP Shop Drawing Extraction

eLogicTech’s coordinated MEP shop drawing service includes HVAC drawing extraction, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, and Duct-layout drawing extraction. The service ensures a better fabrication and installation of each system by detecting the potential problem beforehand.

Fabrication Drawing Extraction

eLogicTech’s team can extract drawings of fabricated components like Structural steel, elevators, pre-cast concrete and another individual component from the clash free BIM model addressing more detailed information.

Floor Plan Extraction

The Floor Plan extraction service helps to get a look of the details and specifications of inner and outer wall layout, Room Labelling and other floor sections and coulombs.

Elevation Drawing Extraction

The experts at eLogicTech can extract the structural elevation drawings of the required elements of the project to act as a guide for construction or in making any design changes.

IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction

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Avail eLogicTech's IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Service

eLogicTech’s IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction service brings improved schedules, productivity, and quality to business with its skilled, experienced and hard-working team.

Planning to outsource IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction? Get in touch with eLogicTech to avail the benefits with constant assistance from the specialists.

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