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Leverage 3D Modeling to Showcase
Furniture Designs that Are Structurally
Accurate & Visually Appealing

Furniture Modeling


3D Furniture Modeling Service from eLogicTech

eLogicTech is an architectural engineering company offering professional 3D furniture modeling services that help in presenting furniture in realistic 3D view. With an in-house team of experienced modelers, we visualize and model furniture from core concepts. Furniture manufacturers, designers, and sellers can ask eLogicTech for a variety of customizations to present furniture in different colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

The team at eLogicTech is highly proficient in cutting-edge software like 3ds Max, SketchUp, unreal engine, etc. to create flawless lifelike furniture models. To discuss your requirements or to learn more about our team, contact us today.Contact Us

3D Furniture Modeling Service

eLogicTech's Furniture Modeling and Rendering Services

Leveraging our two-decades of design experience, businesses can benefit immensely from our furniture modeling and rendering solutions in the form of sustainable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing furniture models. Our vast range of 3D furniture modeling services include:

Home Furniture Design and Modeling

eLogicTech understands the varied need of home furniture and develops comfortable and stylish furniture models for kitchen, poolside, living rooms, etc. We also keep an eye on the target geography, demography, and space management constraints to model the most presentable furniture design for home use. Read More...

Industrial 3D Furniture Modeling

Be it a manufacturing unit or a storage unit of an industrial facility, we develop the furniture models with the right texture and material details that would serve the purpose of both rugged usage and space utilization.

Office Furniture Modeling

Our furniture modeling specialists know what designs are the most comfortable for long hours at work. Also, keeping the aesthetic part at the forefront, we choose the furniture color, shape, and designs that go well with the corporate image and branding.

Hospitality Furniture Modeling

We develop the most innovative furniture models by visualizing and often improvising our clients' concept ideas for hotels, restaurants, leisure retreats, and healthcare lounges. We rigidly follow the client’s inputs, processes and obviously the creative aspect of the furniture while detailing the 3D models.

Benefits of Availing 3D Furniture Modeling Service by eLogicTech

eLogicTech allows furniture designers and e-commerce companies to just share their raw sketches or concept ideas, and we will create a library full of furniture models to showcase. Following are some of the key benefits of our furniture rendering and design services:

Furniture Modeling Service

Simple Four-step Process

Starting with visualization of core concepts, 3D modeling, texturing, and then final rendering, our furniture modeling process is simple and transparent.

Furniture Modeling Service

Feasibility of Models

Making use of our architectural skills and business exposure we analyze concept ideas for practical feasibility before developing the 3D models that save significant time and effort for the client.

Furniture Modeling Service

Flexible Pricing Structure

We ensure that our clients get the best quality deliverables at best in the price which is often a customized quote based on their unique 3D modeling and rendering requirements.

Furniture Modeling Service

24/7 Support and Strict Adherence to Turnaround Time

eLogicTech has a transparent process, and alongside 24/7 customer support, we take utmost care to deliver in time without compromising the quality.

Partner with the Furniture Modeling Specialists

Being in the industry for close to two decades, eLogicTeam has carved a name for itself in the architectural space. We believe in meeting our clients' end objective of designing the right furniture and selling in greater numbers through our 3D furniture modeling services. Reach out to our business development managers and get started with your furniture modeling project with a customized quote today.

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