Laser-Scan Point Cloud to 3D Model Conversion Services in the USA and Globally

Laser scanning of old buildings and renovation or retrofitting of those by developing 3D models of the structures have revolutionized the AEC industry. Being in the industry for over 20 years, eLogicTech understands this requirement and provides precise point cloud to 3D modeling services.

The team at eLogicTech is experienced in analyzing point cloud data in any format (.dwg, .rvt, .pcg, .fls, .dgn, etc.) and develops 100% accurate Revit models for reconstruction, renovation, or structural modification. The team is well-versed in a plethora of software (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and MicroStation) and delivers the 3D model as per the client's requirements. To learn more about how laser scanning and the point cloud data can help you, contact us and one of our engineers will take you through the process.

Laser Scan Point Cloud to 3D Model

What to Expect from eLogicTech's

Point Cloud to Revit Modeling Service


Accurate as-built 3D models that can be used as a reference during construction or renovation.


A sustainability check of your old construction drawings developed from laser scan data by experienced architects can be of great help.


eLogicTech team can help accommodate your concept plan into the as-built 3D model to develop a beautiful plan which is architecturally accurate.


eLogicTech's architectural animation team can help to create animated 3D visualizations to better evaluate the design and bring any changes.

Laser-Scan to 3D Model Conversion Service from eLogicTech

eLogicTech's laser scan to 3D model conversion process starts with the analysis of the scanned data, importing that into the modeling software, creation of the as-built 3D CAD model, on-demand design validation, and structural design modifications (if requested). All these are offered under two major service headings:

As-built 3D Modeling from Laser Scanned Data

Creating the as-built 3D model from the point cloud data becomes very tricky at times if some portion has been missed or broken in the original structure. eLogicTech's experienced architects re-visualize the broken area and even include the missed portion in the model by analyzing the photographs and a few-dimensional details.

Design Validation and Modification

This is an additional service provided when a customer wants to visualize the old structure in 3D, make some adjustments to the design, and wants an architect to validate whether the structural design is sustainable or not. eLogicTech's design suggestions also include energy conservation, seismic compliance, and green energy modeling.


BIM Outsourcing Company

Convert Laser Scan Point Cloud to 3D Model by eLogicTech

When it comes to re-constructing houses or monuments referring to the as-built models, the accuracy of the drawings is essential.

eLogicTech makes the job easier for builders, contractors, and architects by providing as-built 3D models from laser-scanned point cloud data and extracted drawing sets. Get in touch with eLogicTech's Point Cloud to BIM team and experience the hassle-free laser scan to 3D model conversion at the best price.


Laser scan point cloud to 3D model conversion is the process of converting a laser scan point cloud, which is a collection of millions of data points representing the surface of an object or scene, into a three-dimensional model.

Point cloud to 3D model conversion is crucial because it enables professionals to visualize, analyze, and design within a real-world context. It aids in tasks like as-built documentation, clash detection, spatial analysis, and precise measurements. This technology enhances project accuracy, minimizes errors, and streamlines workflows, ultimately leading to more efficient and cost-effective projects. At eLogicTech Solutions, we offer comprehensive services to help clients leverage the full potential of point cloud data for their projects.

Our services are applicable across industries such as architecture, construction, and heritage preservation. Key benefits include accurate as-built documentation, improved project planning, and enhanced visualization for design and analysis.

We ensure fidelity and quality through meticulous processing of laser scan data. Clients can request specific features or modifications in the models, ensuring that the final output aligns with their project requirements.

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