Land Development Design

Every piece of land whether for a single-family residential house or a commercial establishment requires proper planning of the utilities and aesthetics. eLogicTech's land development design services address this requirement with the feasibility analysis, structurally sustainable model, and architecturally possible construction plan. Our range of services includes industrial layout planning, civil township planning, stormwater management, drainage and waste management system design, and more.

Apart from providing modern civil construction designs that can accommodate all the technology-enabled amenities, our team ensures that the land development plans adhere to the local construction guidelines. Be it a small one-time project or a recurring land development project, our in-house team is able to handle projects of any scale and complexity. Contact us today and our engineers will assist you with the best working plan to get started.

Land Development Design

Benefits of the

Land Development Design Services from eLogicTech


With a team of seasoned civil engineers and architects, eLogicTech ensures that you receive the most accurate landscape designs.


Our team uses advanced tools (Microstation, Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD, Land Development Desktop, etc.) and infrastructure to deliver the best.


Over two decades of experience in dealing with hundreds of land development projects would add a lot of value in terms of concept validation and unbiased suggestions.


If you have any land development plans, our team can help you with detailed design reviews and suggest necessary changes. The team can also provide on-demand visual presentations of the plan.

eLogicTech's Land Development Design and Drafting Services

Be it infrastructure development, contract administration, or just feasibility analysis of the land development plan, eLogicTech can help you in developing your new modern home, community, or city. Our land development design and drafting services are as follows:

Feasibility Analysis

With years of land development project experience, our engineers understand the geographical and weather conditions to analyze the site and the proposed plan to advise you on the crucial changes to the design.

Residential Land Development Plan

With special attention to landscape development around the residential building, our architectural visualization specialists suggest the land development design that would construct the perfect home.

Commercial Land Development Plan

Commercial structures have specific requirements in terms of HVAC, energy consumption, and other space utilization constraints that our team addresses while considering the structural customizations.

Industrial Land Development Plan

eLogicTech's architects have worked on several industrial land development projects and provide the designs that take care of larger services and water management, and waste management systems in place.

Off-site Work and Land Development

Our off-site land development services include plans for roads, pathways, water/sewer/drainage connections, street lighting, sidewalks, landscape space, boulevards, etc.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

Our team develops the most accurate siltation plans rigidly adhering to the best management practices and general erosion and sediment control plan checklist for the land development designs.


Civil Engineering Outsourcing Company

Outsource Land Development Engineering Requirements

eLogicTech has been a civil and architectural engineering specialist for years. Since 1999, the company has been operating globally and delivering land development design services to clients across the US, Europe, Australia, and the UK. With a constant endeavor to provide zero-error architectural shop drawings, our engineering team is focused on offering land development and drafting at the best price.

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Land development design is the process of planning and designing the use of land for a variety of purposes, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational.

Sustainable land development design is important because it helps to protect the environment and create communities that are more resilient to climate change.

We integrate sustainable practices into our land development services, emphasizing responsible land use and minimizing environmental impact. Our expertise in creating ESCPs and adhering to environmental regulations helps achieve sustainable and eco-friendly development outcomes.

Yes, we can handle both residential and commercial Land Development Design projects. Considerations for each type include zoning regulations, infrastructure requirements, and the unique needs of the community or business.

We approach site analysis and feasibility studies to understand the site's characteristics, constraints, and potential. These assessments are crucial for ensuring that the proposed development aligns with the site's conditions and is economically viable.

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