3D Exterior Modeling and Architectural Rendering

3D exterior modeling gives the option to architecturally visualize the project designs before the actual construction work commences. eLogicTech understands this and helps to build the actual project prototype with its exterior visualization and 3D rendering services.

Apart from the detailed construction designs that include elevations, interiors, and exteriors, eLogicTech offers to create walkthrough and flythrough videos. These architectural accurate visualizations of the project are intended to be presented for project approvals and stakeholder funding. Residential buildings, commercial office space, hotels, or resorts - eLogicTech assists in providing photo-realistic renderings of the build area and the building along with the exterior landscape.

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eLogicTech's 3D Exterior Design and Architectural Visualization Services

A building's design visualization actually completed when it is developed with realistic light, shades, and texture. This is what the eLogicTech team provides as part of the 3D exterior design and visualization services.

3D Exterior Design and Modeling

eLogicTech provides a 3D model of the exterior that contains detailed exterior elevations, surrounding landscape, and textures. The design team offers to create exterior designs from scratch or develop over clients' raw concepts.

3D Architectural Flythrough

With a team of visual experts, interior/exterior designers, and architects, eLogicTech creates a visually interesting flythrough of the property while being architecturally accurate.

3D Photorealistic Exterior Rendering

With access to the latest 3D modeling and rendering software, eLogicTech has a full-fledged architectural rendering studio in-house which promises great quality photorealistic renderings at the best price.

Exterior Modeling and Rendering

Exterior Modeling and Rendering

Benefits of the Architectural

Exterior Visualization from eLogicTech


eLogicTech develops the exterior visualizations with zero or minimal assistance from the client.


The exterior design team at eLogicTech is highly skilled in developing exterior walkthroughs that you can present for project approvals or showcase on the websites.


As many clients require the exterior models in SketchUp to be further visualized and improvised, eLogicTech offers SketchUp models at the most competitive cost.


Quality renderings of the exteriors within budget and with a quick turnaround time is what is ensured by eLogicTech's architectural visualization and rendering team.

Exterior Modeling and Rendering

3D VISUALIZATION Outsourcing Company

Get the 3D Exterior Modeling and Flythrough Done by the Specialists

eLogicTech has worked on several 3D exterior modeling, interior design & rendering, 3D walkthrough animation, and floor plan & elevation design projects over the years. Clients with varied design ideas can approach eLogicTech for a customized exterior model that is not only visually appealing but also architecturally sustainable considering the weather conditions of the geography.

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Exterior modeling and rendering is the process of creating a 3D digital representation of an exterior space, such as a building, landscape, or city.

The benefits of using eLogicTech for exterior modeling and rendering include lifelike visualizations, improved design communication, enhanced marketing materials, reduced construction errors, and cost savings in architectural and real estate projects.

As technology advances, exterior modeling and rendering is becoming increasingly sophisticated and realistic. We are constantly exploring new techniques and software to create even more immersive and engaging visuals.

Exterior modeling and rendering has a wide range of applications, including: - Architectural visualization: Creating realistic visualizations of proposed buildings or developments. - Urban planning: Visualizing the impact of new developments on the surrounding environment. - Landscape design: Creating realistic visualizations of proposed landscaping projects. - Real estate marketing: Creating eye-catching visuals for marketing materials. - Construction documentation: Creating accurate and detailed 3D models for construction documents.

The cost of exterior modeling and rendering varies depending on a number of factors. For specific pricing on exterior modeling and rendering, please contact us.

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