Structural Modeling and FEA Services

As a provider of structural engineering services, eLogicTech also provides finite element analysis (FEA) services for the validation of structural designs. In many instances, architects and designers go out of the box and suggest innovative design ideas. This is the result of structural magnificence; but, all such concept designs need to go through the sustainability test by structural engineers. Our team of FEA specialists ensures that every structural component and the entire model at an entirety is sustainable.

With a stringent process, eLogicTech's team helps design engineers in optimizing structural models through structural and thermal analysis. Let us get on a call and our engineering team will give you more clarity on our services.

Structural Modeling

Benefits of Our

Structural Analysis Services


eLogicTech's FEA analysis includes everything - flow analysis, load testing, temperature analysis, vibration, and more.


Our team not only carries out FEA on your structural models but also suggests changes that make the structure sustainable.


eLogicTech has been a structural engineering service provider for years and clients can benefit from our accuracy and professionalism.

Range of Finite Element Analysis Services from eLogicTech

eLogicTech makes sure that all the residential, commercial, and industrial structures adhere to the best practices so that they sustain the planned or anticipated temperature, stress, or load over time. Our structural analysis services include the following:

Structural Analysis Service

eLogicTech's specialized finite element analysis finds out the anticipated and unexpected stress on the structure or the facades so that their durability against time, water, wind, and seismic pressure can be evaluated.

Structural Modeling Service

Based on the structural analysis, our team suggests necessary design changes and develops a 3D model of the structure that is architecturally feasible and aesthetically pleasing.

Structural Modeling

Structural Outsourcing Company

Partner with eLogicTech for Professional FEA Services

Along with thorough FEA analysis, eLogicTech helps contractors, design engineers, and architects in meeting the construction best practices. The accuracy of our finite element analysis not only results in safe and sustainable structures but also helps clients save money and effort due to structural changes post-development.

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Structural modeling in construction is the process of creating detailed, digital representations of building or infrastructure structures. These models are used for design, analysis, and simulation to ensure the structural integrity and performance of projects.

The purpose of structural modeling is to visually represent and analyze a building's structural elements, aiding in design, coordination, risk reduction, and efficient construction.

Our Structural Modeling services cater to various projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. They are suitable for structures of different sizes and complexities.

Accurate models assist in design analysis, identifying potential issues, and streamlining construction planning. They improve coordination, reduce errors, and enhance project efficiency.

Yes, our services are adaptable and can be used for retrofit and renovation projects. Structural Modeling aids in planning and visualizing changes to existing structures, making it valuable for renovation work.

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