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Construction drawings for project proposals are the most important step when initiating a large-scale construction project. Both architectural visualization and precise building planning and drawing play a key role in getting stakeholders' interest. Being involved in end-to-end project planning, bidding, developing construction plans, and project documentation, eLogicTech offers to assist contractors with professional project proposals and construction drawing services.

Having delivered 100000+ projects of varied scales and served over 3000+ clients across the globe, eLogicTech Solutions understands what works best in project proposals. The experienced business planning professionals backed by the engineering team ensure that you present what is required for a convincing project proposal.

So, if you are in a dilemma whether you have made it right or not, allow us to validate your construction drawings - give us a call today.

Presentation Drawing

Benefits of Availing Building

Planning and Drawing Services


eLogicTech ensures 100% accuracy of the presentation drawings and other ancillary project plans required by the clients.


Along with precision, eLogicTech's visualized proposal empowers stakeholders which saves your time and effort on a project plan elaboration.


With dedicated project managers available 24/7, you don't need to wait for a change or modification in your project presentation.


As a full-fledged architectural engineering company, eLogicTech can help you provide MEP, BIM, civil engineering services, and more.

Project Proposal Presentation Drawing Services from eLogicTech Solutions

It's not as easy as it seems, even though you have the most experienced architects on board. eLogicTech leverages its two decades of experience in dealing with complex requirements to provide the following project proposal presentation services:

Architectural Project Proposal

eLogicTech provides a comprehensive project proposal that includes an architecturally accurate building plan and drawings, cost estimation, material estimation, milestones, and even the procurement calendar in the form of an easily consumable presentation.

Project Proposal Validation

If you have created the presentation drawings and generated other information required by the stakeholders, eLogicTech's experts can help you validate the proposal, improvise it, and also develop the visualized presentation for a great first impression.


Architectural Outsourcing Company

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Starting from architectural CAD, structural engineering, and BIM to 3D visualization service, eLogicTech Solutions is specialized in everything you need while conceptualizing or executing a construction project. The project proposal and presentation drawing service from eLogicTech has been availed by hundreds of contractors, architects, and real estate owners to date.

For more details on our engagement model, pricing structure, and previously delivered projects, please contact us and we will reach out with a free quote.


Construction drawings are detailed technical documents that illustrate the design and specifications of a construction project. They serve as the roadmap for builders, contractors, and engineers during the construction phase.

A presentation sketch is a visual representation, either hand-drawn or digital, used to convey design ideas and concepts in a clear and expressive manner. It serves as a tool for communication, exploration, and visualization during the early stages of the design process.

Our Presentation Drawing services cater to a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, hospitality, and more. They are ideal for any project where conveying design concepts and ideas is crucial.

Yes, we specialize in creating customized Presentation Drawings that align with a client's unique design style, color schemes, and overall vision. We work closely with clients to ensure their ideas are accurately represented.

We typically provide Presentation Drawings in digital formats such as PDF, JPEG, or as required by the project. These files can easily be integrated into presentations, client meetings, and project documentation to effectively communicate design concepts.

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