Process Engineering Services by eLogicTech

Process engineering is crucial for designing, implementing, controlling, and optimizing the industrial process. eLogicTech Solutions supports the manufacturing and industrial units with its experienced process engineering services. With the strategic overview of the industrial process and its process design, our engineers assist around end-to-end process optimization, process control, and even scaling up processes.

Our process engineers and designers have the wide industry knowledge to develop or suggest optimized processes in the chemical, biochemical, food processing, petrochemical, steel processing, and several other sectors. Skilled in the latest 3D design software for visualization and process layout design, eLogicTech helps in seamless process simulation and optimization across industries.

Process Engineering

End-benefits of Our Process Optimization Services

Process engineering services are crucial for an organization to achieve optimum efficiency in terms of performance and cost. The key benefits of our services are as follows:

Energy Optimization

Our team performs a comprehensive review of each unit’s energy and material balance and offers several energy controls measures.

Optimizes de-bottlenecking process

Our bottleneck analysis of the existing facility helps industries in increasing their production by identifying the sluggish processes.

Process intensification

Process intensification adds a more efficient, sustainable, and impactful production process to benefit the manufacturers.

3D design of a process system

eLogicTech models the processing system in 3D so that clients can visualize the system in the plant before fabrication.

Industrial Process Engineering Services by eLogicTech

eLogicTech addresses several process engineering requirements such as batch or continuous process, pilot process design or scale-up design, chemical usage or quality improvement, etc. Our range of process optimization design services is listed below:

Process Design Service

Our process design service includes creating the process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, mass and energy balances, etc. We also perform process simulations to help design systems like distillation columns or reactors, ensuring the robust performance of the system.

Process Optimization

Our process optimization service aims at maximizing the process performance while at the same time minimizing the production cost. We use mathematical programming techniques considering operational and economic conditions to alter the process parameters and optimize them.

Process Control

We use process control in continuous production and batch processing which involves electrical engineering and process design. We take several process-control measures from the process designing stage and visualize how the automated and manual components, instruments, and control logic will operate the system.

Process Scale-Up

eLogicTech uses computational and experimental methods while scaling up and designing a new mixing process. Our process engineers ensure geometrical similarity, dynamic similarity, flow pattern and follow other guidelines while performing pilot scale-up design.

Process Engineering Service

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Get the Process Engineering Designs from the Experts at eLogicTech

eLogicTech offers a flexible process engineering service depending upon your unique requirements and technology integration. Our team can take over a project at any stage of the development and suggest appropriate optimization with a detailed maintenance cycle as well as cost. We have handled process engineering projects from scratch and even at a commissioning phase to be relied on identifying issues, offering optimization suggestions, and delivering an efficient process engineering solution.

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