Energy Modeling Services

Discover eLogicTech's Energy Modeling service, a game-changer in architecture and construction. We use smart computer calculations to predict how much energy your project will use. This helps designers make clever choices, ensuring your building is energy-efficient.

Our service doesn't just predict; it looks into the future, showing the costs of energy. By simulating how much energy your building will use, it gives a clear picture of the money involved. This knowledge empowers designers and project owners to make smart, eco-friendly decisions. Plus, our Energy Modeling is like a superhero document, making sure your project follows energy rules. It checks if your design meets the standards set by codes or programs like LEED. With eLogicTech, create buildings that are both green and wallet-friendly, going beyond expectations.

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Energy Modeling

Design Validation and Optimization Services

Understanding Standards

With over two decades of experience and a team of 140+ Architects and Engineers, eLogicTech excels in working with ECBC compliance codes across the USA and Canada, facilitating LEED Certifications.

Modeling Expertise

Our expertise in the architectural industry allows us to create energy models from the Conceptual Design stage, enabling energy consumption comparison on alternative design concepts.

Minimal Inputs

We can convert a building's Revit file into an energy model, provided we receive the necessary compliance codes and standards, streamlining the modeling process.


eLogicTech's innovative and cost-effective engagement models offer flexibility in project execution, ensuring smoother delivery and reducing overall time consumption.

eQuest Modeling

Explore the efficiency and simplicity of eQuest Modeling Service, a key offering from eLogicTech's Energy Modeling services. Utilizing the advanced DOE 2 engine, eQuest stands out with user-friendly wizards and graphics support.

EnergyPRO Modeling

Experience the precision and excellence of Energy PRO Modeling Service, a distinguished offering within eLogicTech's Energy Modeling services. Employing advanced techniques, Energy PRO ensures accurate predictions of energy consumption in architectural projects.


TraneTrace is a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your project management experience. TraneTrace, meticulously crafted by our skilled team, provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your project workflow.

Energy Compliance

At eLogicTech, we take pride in offering a comprehensive Energy Compliance service as part of our Energy Modeling expertise. Our Energy Compliance service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines governing energy efficiency and sustainability.

IECC Services

eLogicTech is proud to offer an exceptional service focused on International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) compliance as part of our Energy Modeling portfolio. Our IECC Service is meticulously designed to assist clients in meeting and exceeding the stringent energy efficiency standards set by the IECC.


What is EnergyPRO

EnergyPRO stands out as a comprehensive modeling software package, holding certification compliant with Title 24 Standards. This advanced modeling tool is specifically designed for a range of applications, primarily focusing on the meticulous analysis of power consumption efficiency. Utilized by professionals in various industries, EnergyPRO offers sophisticated features to delve into the intricacies of power usage, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking in-depth insights and precise evaluations in the realm of energy modeling.

MEP energyPRO Support services

eLogicTech Solutions has earned a distinguished reputation for its exceptional expertise in delivering state-of-the-art MEP modeling services throughout the USA and globally. Actively engaged in the industry and attuned to construction requirements, eLogicTech extends its commitment by offering MEP energyPRO support services.

Our in-house MEP experts play a pivotal role in furnishing sustainable MEP modeling solutions for all your building endeavors. From conceptualization to implementation, we diligently prepare energy models that evaluate and optimize energy consumption. This approach not only ensures the efficiency of your projects but also contributes to environmental well-being, aligning with contemporary standards for sustainable and responsible construction practices.

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