Framing and Drywall

Prefabricated construction is a unique practice for building different-purpose structures and components in a factory-controlled environment. This modern-day construction process ensures the completion of the most portion of a critical project within the timelines just by setup and assembly. eLogicTech provides BIM services for framing and drywall contractors to improve construction efficiency and productivity.

As a leading BIM practitioner, eLogicTech uses scalable designs and plans strategies for drywall prefabrication. To execute the project, the team converts the architectural information into shop drawings, providing detailed information on stud wall placements and their standard sizes. The application of BIM services helps optimize construction efficiency at the site and thus improves productivity across disciplines.

Framing and Drywall

Value-ads by eLogicTech BIM Services for Dry Wall Contractors

The advantages of BIM modeling and designs to expedite different stages of construction by eLogicTech are as follows:

On-time Project Delivery

We work closely with project architects, designers, as well as contractors to devise a priority plan for on-time project completion and delivery.

MEP and Other Discipline Coordination

MEP and Other Discipline Coordination - The project plan is drafted to be developed with the required wall assembly information, placing them in the correct location without conflicts with MEP and other disciplines.

Advanced Modeling

We use parametric modeling techniques to deliver the building elements of the same structurally accurate designs in different sizes for better control over the project.

Accurate Framing Drawing

The use of Revit plugins for Metal Wood Framer helps generate accurate framing drawings.

Reduction in cost overruns

The reduction in waste and accurate cost estimation results in a minimization of cost overruns.

Framing and Drywall Services from eLogicTech

Working closely with project architects, designers, and contractors, eLogicTech has designed the following value-added BIM-enabled services frequently required by framing and drywall contractors:

Construction Design and Coordination

Accurate and constructible 3D BIM models lead to construction design and coordination. 3D BIM models identify hurdles to reducing rework and delay in prefabrication.

Quantity Take-off

The coordinated BIM models provide a precise estimation of material quantities and reliable cost estimation for procurement and installation. Our 3D models reduce wastage in woodcutting for a control project cost estimation.

Accurate Shop Drawing

We provide precise and accurate shop drawings using architectural information. The shop drawing includes a king stud, jack stud, sill plate, header, cripple stud, bracing, bridging, etc.

Optimized Installation Process

Our BIM-based approach optimizes the stud and sheathing placement. Prefabricated construction provides opportunities to improve the installation process on-site.

Automated Schedule Generation

The BIM model generates an automated schedule for cut information and wall framing and floor framing schedules, including length, breadth, grade of the material, and overall length. Autodesk Revit with MVF plugin converts the schedule into a detailed Excel format.

Framing and Drywall

Precise and Quality

eLogicTech Drywall and Framing Services

eLogicTech Solutions has been a BIM services partner in the AEC segment for over two decades. The BIM services provided for framing and drywall prefabrication empower the contractors with BIM workflow and help reduce rework, minimize project budget, and ensure schedule compliance.

Contact the eLogicTech engineering team and get a detailed overview of our BIM services for drywall and framing.


Framing and drywall are essential components of interior construction, forming the structural skeleton and interior surfaces of buildings.

Drywall installation enhances interior spaces by providing a smooth surface for decoration, sound insulation, fire resistance, durability, and energy efficiency, all contributing to a better living environment.

To maintain drywall walls and ceilings, clean regularly, repair damage promptly, prevent excess moisture, be gentle with the surfaces, repaint when needed, and check for leaks to prevent damage.

Drywall taping is the process of applying joint compound to seams and gaps between drywall panels to conceal joints and imperfections. Drywall finishing refers to the subsequent steps of sanding, priming, and painting the drywall surface to achieve the desired smoothness, texture, and color.

The cost of framing and drywall services varies based on project complexity, size, and specific requirements. For a customized quote, please contact eLogicTech to discuss your project, and they will provide you with a tailored pricing proposal.

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