Engineering Design

In the product development life cycle, post the ideation and concept mapping, the detailed engineering design stage determines the success or failure of the new machine design. Having years of experience in mechanical design, eLogicTech has a tenured team to provide standardized engineering design services.

Our preliminary engineering design process involves a thorough evaluation of the concept designs and a series of steps. This includes studying similar competitor products and then developing the engineering designs based on the feasibility analysis of the required functions of the product or machine. The detailed drawings of the parts, components and processes are also visualized and documented as part of the deliverables. To discuss your custom requirements and understand more about our engagement models, let’s get in touch.

Engineering Design

Why partner with eLogicTech for detailed Engineering Design

As a mechanical engineering services company, eLogicTech offers a number of benefits in the context of developing engineering designs that are not limited to the precision and timeliness of the deliveries. Here are a few more outsourcing benefits:

Systematic and detailed designs

As per the flow of the product life cycle, we design the product or machine components systematically.

Expert opinion included

Though the designs need to be approved by the client, our experts provide design optimization suggestions proactively.

Digital prototyping to reduce wastage

The digital prototyping model helps in design validation as well as a reduction in material wastage.

Real-time Project Monitoring

With proactive communication and a dedicated project management portal, you can check the status of your high-value projects.

Mechanical Engineering Design services from eLogicTech

The process of engineering design requires a bit of involvement of the client, and our team delivers the detailed mechanical designs after reviewing the reference product images, concept drawings, and hand-drawn process sketches. Our key services are as follows:

Product Design and Modeling

As part of our engineering product design and modeling service, the precise preliminary designs are developed and modeled to further analyze and modify based on the feasibility analysis as well as the client’s inputs.

Digital Prototyping

Our team develops the digital prototypes considering the exact engineering design specifications. The types of prototypes that we provide include form study prototype, user experience prototype, and functional prototype.

Structural and Thermal Analysis

To ensure the feasibility of the design, we team run FEA and DFEA and check the fluid dynamics, thermostatic resistance, and other structural load and stress resistance to further optimize the machine or component aligning to the objectives.

Engineering Design Animation

The engineering design animation service at eLogicTech includes the realistic animation of the engineering model of the machine/component/product and its assembly as well as functional processes accurately.

Engineering Design Services

Mechanical Design Outsourcing Company

Contact eLogicTech for Precise Mechanical Design Engineering Services

With a sophisticated work environment and access to advanced tools like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Inventor, eLogicTech Solutions ensures that the designs are precise and ready for rapid prototyping. With flawless design drawings and documentation from our team, your product R&D can save significant time in concept to design validation and production.

Contact us for a discussion with one of our engineering heads and faster your product launch campaign by outsourcing your engineering design requirements.

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