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eLogicTech's point cloud to BIM service offers the conversion of laser scan survey data into 3D BIM models. Catering to a diverse clientele of real estate firms, surveyors, architects, and building contractors, eLogicTech offers professional scan to BIM services that help avoid frequent site visits.

Our BIM specialists understand the core objectives of clients before taking the appropriate steps to extract laser-scanned point cloud data and convert those into information-rich 3D BIM models. With advanced tools such as Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD, eLogicTech ensures the precision of BIM models, MEP, and structural models with additional design suggestions. Be it LOD 100 to LOD 500, let's have a discussion on your point cloud to BIM requirements and how eLogicTech can help you out.

Point Cloud to BIM

Benefits of Availing

eLogicTech's Scan to BIM Services


eLogicTech helps in creating the Point Cloud data that is recognized by surveying equipment and verifying as-built conditions.


With the laser scan point cloud data, eLogicTech's experts help in creating as-built 3D models for the renovation/recreation of historic buildings.


eLogicTech's 3D CAD specialists visualize your existing building structure and suggest modifications to improvise the existing designs/elevations.


eLogicTech provides accurate point cloud data and a BIM model that helps carry out the project without the need for a site visit.

eLogicTech’s Scan to BIM Services

For the accuracy and quality of BIM models, eLogicTech suggests collecting data through laser scanning and then creating Revit 3D models out of the point cloud data. eLogicTech's scan to BIM 3D modeling services includes the following:

As-built 3D CAD Models from Laser Scan Data

eLogicTech creates as-built 3D CAD models of old buildings and massive historic structures from raw laser scan point cloud data. With the 3D CAD models, eLogicTech helps in the renovation and recreation of the structures with even significant design changes.

Revit Model from Point Cloud Data

Utilizing the AutoCAD Revit software, the eLogicTech team collates the point cloud data and develops a 3D BIM model of any infrastructure. With the Revit model, the team assists architects in improvising every section of the building.

Scan to BIM and Visualization

The scan to BIM and visualization service from eLogicTech helps in evaluating the building structure in 3D and planning the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and firefighting elements during re-modeling, retrofitting, or renovation works.

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Partner with eLogicTech for Point Cloud to BIM Service

Ensuring the creation of accurate as-built models, eLogicTech's point cloud to BIM service helps in developing precise BIM models for reference and efficient construction.

Along with quality scan to BIM service, eLogicTech guarantees faster turnaround time at the most competitive pricing. Contact eLogicTech today and one of the BIM specialists will reach you to discuss more about our BIM services and how to take your project forward.


Point cloud to BIM conversion is the process of converting point cloud data into a Building Information Model (BIM).

Point cloud data is a collection of 3D points that represent the surface of an object or space. BIM is a digital representation of a physical facility that includes information about the building's geometry, materials, and components.

Using eLogicTech for point cloud to BIM conversion offers benefits such as precise as-built documentation, improved project understanding, streamlined renovations, and enhanced design accuracy.

The applications of point cloud to BIM conversion include architectural and structural design, facility management, heritage preservation, renovation projects, clash detection, and 3D visualization in various industries.

Using eLogicTech for point cloud to BIM conversion provides benefits such as accurate as-built documentation, efficient renovation and retrofit projects, clash detection, improved project visualization, and enhanced design accuracy, ultimately saving time and reducing costs in construction and facility management.

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