Mechanical Product Modeling Services by eLogicTech

Product modeling has gained acceptance and popularity in the mechanical domain for transforming raw ideas into viable products through dealing with several challenges in product design and development. eLogicTech is a specialized engineering solution provider handling mechanical product modeling needs that support inaccurate design, construction, and manufacturing of mechanical products and parts.

Our design engineers are skilled and well-equipped with CAD/CAM tools, SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, and QC measures. And they support transforming an idea into a product through 3D product modeling, assembly modeling, prototype modeling, and parametric modeling. We also develop 3D solid models, electronic component models, free form surface models, and 3D rendering from sketches to simplify production. Our creative team supports individual entrepreneurs and large corporate houses to remodel their idea into a feasible reality.

Mechanical Product Modeling

End-benefits of the Mechanical Component Modeling

eLogicTech supports its clients from concept to manufacturing with its wide range of product modeling services. Here are the key benefits that eLogicTech brings for its clients:

Better design visualization

Product modeling in 3D CAD offers in-depth visualization of the mechanical components with specifications, geometric dimensions, and details.

Get an additional view with 3D Solid modeling

3D solid modeling in CAD helps to view the product from different angles and gives a realistic product view.

Reduction in number of iterations

3D CAD modeling reduces the number of iterations as any changes made in the model get automatically updated to all assemblies and drawings.

Solid models for thermal, physical, and other stress analysis

The solid models of the product, associated with surface geometry and material data, help analyze design on several factors like thermal, fluid flow, physical stresses, etc.

3D Product Modeling Services from eLogicTech

We offer a spectrum of product modeling services till the manufacturing stage of a product. These services aid in precise design and product development. And also simplify communication between product designers and manufacturers. Streamline your product design and development with our following sub-services:

3D Product Modeling

Our 3D product modeling service converts the 2D drawings, sketches, and designs of the machine, industrial equipment, mechanical component, or any industry-specific product into a precise 3D CAD model. The model has accurate specifications, dimensions, and detailing of the product.

Assembly Modeling

We create 3D CAD models for different parts of a product. And these product part models are assembled and integrated. We develop these models with inbuilt intelligence, enabling variations of these designs to get made easily and quickly.

Prototype Modeling

Our designers create precise and comprehensive prototype 3D CAD models to evaluate product design before production. We develop prototype models for CNC machines, metal 3D casting, vacuum casting, etc.

Parametric Modeling

Our parametric modeling in 3D CAD captures the design intent using features and constraints. It helps automate the repetitive changes for scaling up or scaling down the product features for product families.

Electronic Component Modeling

eLogicTech models diverse electronic hardware in a customized and precise manner. We transform a functional diagram into an electronic circuit or product that helps an electronic device perform its function.

Free Form Surface Modeling

Our free-form surface modeling merges 3D surfaces at various angles to create a design or model and give it a more realistic look. We use the CAD system and SolidWorks for surface modeling.

3D Solid Modeling

We use boundary representation (B-Rep) and construction solids geometry methods in the CAD system to generate 3D solid models. These models help in the simulation, planning, and verification of the manufacturing and assembly process.

Sketch to 3D Rendering

Our designers use sketches to develop 3D rendered images for better visualization and explain the design and product specification. For 3D rendering, we use tools like SketchUp, Blender, Keyshot Render, etc.

Mechanical Product Modeling

Mechanical Design Outsourcing Company

Partner with the Mechanical Product Engineering Experts at eLogicTech

eLogicTech Solutions has several years of experience in using 3D CAD modeling techniques. Our CAD designers develop highly effective and technically sound product designs for machines, mechanical components, systems, and processes of various industries.

Contact us to increase your productivity with realistic product design through 3D mechanical product modeling from an engineering team.


Mechanical product modeling is the process of creating digital representations of mechanical products.

Our product modeling services are versatile and applicable across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and more. Whether you're designing machinery, consumer goods, or electronic devices, our services can cater to your needs.

There are many benefits to using eLogicTech for mechanical product modeling, including:
- Expertise: eLogicTech has a team of experienced engineers with expertise in a wide range of mechanical product modeling software programs and applications.
- Quality: eLogicTech is committed to delivering high-quality mechanical product models that meet or exceed your expectations.
- Cost-effectiveness: eLogicTech offers competitive rates for its mechanical product modeling services.

We support various file formats for Mechanical Product Models. These models can be seamlessly integrated into existing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and design workflows, ensuring compatibility with industry-standard software.

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