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Construction Shop Drawing

Precise shop drawings to predict how
the building structure would perform

Construction Shop Drawing

Construction Shop Drawing Service

Since 1999, eLogicTech has been a global construction shop drawing partner for a number of organizations around the world. The team of engineers and architects at eLogicTech have the experience in providing construction drawing services covering every conceivable type of structure and design.

The experts at eLogicTech understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness, especially for construction and building elevation drawings. To provide the best possible service, our team uses precision design techniques and employ rigorous checks at every stage meeting the required construction standards and guidelines.

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Construction Shop Drawing

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Construction drawing and drafting services at eLogicTech

Millwork drawings

Millwork drawings

Our team expertly produce drawings and diagrams for wooden architectural features keeping the color, texture, and ambiance in mind along with the architectural details.

Steelwork drawings

Steelwork drawings

We at eLogicTech provide layouts and cross-sectional steelwork construction drawings with precision and detail for easy reference.

MEP drawings

MEP drawings

Our shop drawing team provides detailed drawings to show fittings and electrical and plumbing services, with clear drawing key and scales for subcontractors and third-party use.


Key takeaways from eLogicTech's shop drawing services


Personalized service

Our CAD team is trained in civil engineering and understands the demands of construction projects. If you have an unusual or unique project, they will take the time to understand the intricacies of it.


Quick turnaround

With no compromise on quality - The CAD design team have worked on hundreds of projects, so they know the importance of delivering construction drawings ahead of


Latest technology and infrastructure

eLogicTech invests in the most up-to-date fully licensed CAD and BIM software to ensure precision and expediency.

Accurate and cost-effective structural drawings from the experts

Outsourcing the drafting of construction drawings to eLogicTech will ensure you get the highest quality drawings, as well as save time and money. Due to our conscientious and vastly experienced engineering team, eLogicTech offers a professional and expert construction drawing service that is firmly focused on the client’s needs. To learn more about our engagement models and for a customized quote, contact us today.