Third-party BIM Model Auditing

It's a standard industry practice to get your BIM model validated and eLogicTech offers to assist with its third-party BIM model auditing service. Starting from checking the project designs, naming conventions, and building code compliance to validating the folder structure, we ensure that all the information in BIM models is 100% accurate and consistent. Along with BIM audit, eLogicTech's BIM consulting service also includes suggestions to improve the construction designs and incorporation of industry best practices.

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BIM Model Auditing

Benefits of eLogicTech's

Third-party BIM Model Auditing Service


We audit BIM models from LOD 200-500 including construction design, fabrication model, MEP clashes, and schedules, etc.


Our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team does a parametric visualization of the BIM model to suggest the essential changes.


As a BIM consulting service provider, we offer comprehensive audits of your Revit models to ensure adherence to International BIM standards.


The BIM audit report from eLogicTech is easy to understand highlighting critical areas and exact action required.

eLogicTech’s Range of BIM Auditing Services

The BIM auditing service from eLogicTech is one of our specialized BIM outsourcing services. With a highly experienced team of BIM consultants, we evaluate the level of detail of BIM models and suggest changes to make them comply with the global BIM standards. Our third-party BIM model auditing service includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive review of BIM models and project documentation
  • Feasibility test and suggestions evaluating the construction design
  • Compliance check for adherence to internal and local BIM standards
  • Validation and conformance of the concept plan and the as-built BIM model
  • BIM audit, clash detection, and suggestions pertaining to design improvisation
  • BIM facility management risk evaluation and suggestion
BIM model auditing

BIM Outsourcing Company

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eLogicTech always gives emphasis to the consistency of information in the BIM and MEP models along with accuracy. Consistency across the project documents helps in easy coordination and communication across the construction teams and this is what we offer with the BIM model auditing service. We also evaluate the risks associated with material supply and delivery timelines to suggest the appropriate design and documentation changes.

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