Virtual Reality Enabled

Virtual Reality has been playing a new role at each step in the AEC industry, from communicating design intent, spotting design flaws, planning the construction processes, and collaborating for operation & maintenance, to offering a walkthrough realistic environment. eLogicTech provides VR-enabled services to assist architects, designers, and structural engineers, in showcasing construction designs digitally.

eLogicTech supports project coordinators and real estate firms in complex project design, construction modeling, validation, scheduling, etc. Our VR-enabled services include design visualization & modification, design collaboration & coordination, virtual tours of the property, photorealistic floor plan walkthrough, and more. With expertise in 3D modeling and VR software such as Kubity, Oculus, and Virtual Architect, contact us to opt for our specialized virtual reality design services.

VR-enabled Services Offered by eLogicTech Solutions

Our VR team understands the unique requirements of a construction project and offers VR services tailored to clients' project designs and intent. Our VR services offered are as follows:

Design Visualization and Modification

eLogicTech helps develop designs on realistic 3D platforms allowing an immersive and interactive environment to cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and delete the model elements. We can also move, rotate, change materials, and see the real changes.

Property Virtual Tour

eLogicTech develops virtual tours of the property's interior, exterior, and landscapes using 3D architectural visualization. We help envision a construction project with its structural designs, infrastructure, outdoor spaces, and surroundings.

VR-enabled Design Collaboration and Coordination

We offer real-time design collaboration and coordination to all project stakeholders using 3D and 360-degree snapshots, 360 panorama tours, and videos. All can discuss the change and replace physical models with VR-modeled products and virtual mockups.

Photorealistic Floor Plan and Master Plan Walkthrough

Our photorealistic floor plan and master plan walkthrough help envision different building designs and interior layouts. It becomes easy for stakeholders to compare several models without any hassle of visiting the site and even before site development.

Virtual Reality enabled

Virtual Reality enabled

Advantage of Applying Virtual Reality in Construction by eLogicTech

eLogicTech uses cloud-based technology to store all its visualization projects, giving easy access from anywhere. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology that brings numerous additional benefits:

Envision and Solidify Landscape Plans

You can envision and finalize your landscape plans by visualizing our landscape design, outdoor spaces, and greenery before investing in the property.

Adjust Time and Location to Review the Design

The VR-enabled project design by YYYY allows you to adjust daytime and geographic locations to explore daylighting and make necessary changes.

Desktop and VR-enabled Coordination Meeting

You can collaborate in the immersive VR environment and desktop to identify issues, record decisions, and distribute assignments with 2D and 360 snapshots, 360 panorama views, etc.

Real-time Design Communication

We facilitate real-time design communication by creating 3D and 360 snapshots, 360 panorama tours, and videos.

Virtual Reality Enabled Services

3D VISUALIZATION Outsourcing Company

New-gen Construction Project Visualization with Virtual Reality Design Services

eLogicTech brings an excellent VR team that uses cutting-edge VR technology and tools to develop 3D models and photorealistic designs that not only provide an immersive experience but also are architecturally accurate. Our VR-enabled services empower construction project stakeholders to freely navigate through the design variations and get a better sense of scale, size, depth, height, etc., reducing the dependency on imagination.

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VR in construction involves using immersive digital simulations to visualize, plan, and evaluate construction projects. It enhances the process by providing a more realistic and interactive understanding of the project.

Virtual Reality Design plays a pivotal role in construction by offering a realistic and immersive way to visualize and assess construction projects. It enhances project planning, design evaluation, and collaborative decision-making, ultimately leading to improved project outcomes.

VR in civil engineering is used for design visualization, stakeholder engagement, safety training, site inspections, construction planning, public outreach, training, and cost estimation. It enhances project understanding, safety, and decision-making.

Our Virtual Reality services enable project stakeholders to virtually walk through a project before construction begins, helping in design validation, stakeholder engagement, and improved decision-making.

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