Design Validation and Optimization

Engineering design validation and optimization demonstrate the design’s consistency with its specifications, internal design or external standards, customer requirements, and product regulatory compliance testing. eLogicTech practices unique and explicit design validation and optimization approaches to delivering and producing the highest quality products. Our test parameters and optimization methodologies discover product design flaws and weaker areas, improve its shape, size, and topology for effective performance and productivity.

Irrespective of the industry type, our design engineers provide validation and optimization solutions for all new concepts and existing ones. Expertise in design engineering, reverse engineering, 3D CAD software, FEA/CFD simulation, MDVT, HALT, and other test methodologies gives them an edge. YYYY assures superior product design with optimized performance and safety.

Design Validation and Optimization

Key Benefits of availing our design validation and optimization services

Our unique and inclusive testing and optimization approach help to verify a product under several factors and constraints. We influence our clients with these main benefits:

Finite Element Analysis for design optimization

At eLogicTech, the engineers use FEA simulation tools to optimize the parts and design. It avoids any failure and ensures the product will get manufactured effectively.

Shape optimization

Shape optimization by our engineers helps in improving the aesthetics of the product, its usability, and reducing material costs.

Enhance surface properties

We enhance the product design surface properties and overall look with topological optimization.

Experience in welded beam and pressure vessel design

Our mechanical engineers are experts in designing welded beams and pressure vessels to meet mechanical requirements.

Design engineering and validation services from eLogicTech

Our design validation and optimizations solutions rest on the MIL, ASTM, ISO, ETSI, and other specifications developed by several government agencies. It helps test a design on several parameters like temperature, design humidity, stress, acoustics, etc., maintaining the performance and safety constraints. Our design validation and optimization services are:

Design validation and modification

eLogicTech validates a design by preparing test cases based on its different usage in isolation and integrating with other machines. Then, we suggest appropriate design changes and confirm it meets the defined use cases and system requirements.

Engineering design optimization

Our design engineering and reverse engineering experts perform shape and size optimization, topological optimization, inverse optimization under several functional, operations, and performance constraints. The tools used are FEA or CFD simulation.

Product process planning & optimization

Our product process planning and optimization services ensure manufacturing constraints get reconciled during the designing and validation stage. It helps improve overall product and process quality, quickly react to any change at the design phase, reduce operating cost and improve productivity and product output.

Machine set-up layout optimization

While designing a machine, we verify and optimize the overall setup of the machine unit for better workflow. The factors that we consider for optimization are operational and maintenance space, workflow, safety, and flexibility.

Design Validation and Optimization Services

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Partner with eLogicTech for end-to-end product engineering and optimization

eLogicTech provides excellent design validation and optimization services to its clients for a spectrum of products and industries. We identify the performance and functional issues of the design at an early stage for smooth manufacturing and productivity.

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