eLogicTech's Civil Engineering Services

eLogicTech provides a comprehensive civil engineering service to assist businesses in designing, planning, and constructing their dream projects. Being a leading civil engineering company, eLogicTech has a team of highly experienced civil engineers and architects to deal with large-scale commercial, residential, and industrial projects with ease.

Utilizing improvised design techniques, advanced tools, and software, eLogicTech offers quality civil engineering solutions at the most cost-effective price. As an architect, builder, and real estate firm, you can rely on eLogicTech's civil engineering skills and expertise to follow your innovative construction ideas. Let's have a discussion and the eLogicTech team will take you through the entire process to visualize your project.


Benefits of eLogicTech's Civil Engineering Services

Being in this industry for decades, eLogicTech has successfully accomplished hundreds of large-scale civil engineering projects. The benefits of availing eLogicTech's services are as follows:

eLogicTech has a team of highly skilled civil engineers to handle even complex projects to develop geospatial mappings and construction drawings.

With a multi-level QC process in place, eLogicTech ensures error-free HVAC designs, land development drawings as well as MEP designs and drafts.

When you outsource civil engineering requirements to eLogicTech, you are benefitting from our quick turnaround time and customized pricing.

With years of on-the-job civil engineering experience, the eLogicTech team is trained and well-versed in the most advanced software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.

Civil Engineering Solutions from eLogicTech

eLogicTech provides civil engineering solutions adhering to the construction regulations specific to the geography. Among the long list of civil engineering services, some of our key offerings are discussed below:

Construction Drawing Service

Be it a commercial, industrial, recreational, residential, or healthcare project, eLogicTech understands the unique requirements and provides the construction drawings following the regulatory norms.

CAD Conversion Service

eLogicTech's civil engineering team visualizes the old blueprints on paper or concept sketches into 2D CAD drawings. The team also suggests changes and creates 3D CAD models to better visualize the project plans.

Land Development Design Service

eLogicTech's land development design service includes creation of site analysis, construction master plan, and detailed layouts. The designs also include hydrology reports, stormwater management, and landscape design plan, etc.

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Geospatial Service

Geospatial service is a specialized service from the eLogicTech team and involves a high degree of research and analysis to provide terrain modeling, topographic mapping, geographic information systems, digital elevation modeling, etc.

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Construction Cost Estimation Service

eLogicTech's years of experience in dealing with a variety of construction projects has given its team the knowledge and skill to provide accurate construction cost estimation that includes estimation of materials, equipment, labor, insurance, taxes, etc.

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Contact eLogicTech for Customized Civil Engineering Services

eLogicTech is proud to work on several complex civil engineering projects and has been a reliable partner for many organizations around the globe. With a transparent process and customer-friendly approach, eLogicTech has one of the best engineering workforces to deploy on projects.

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Civil engineering design is the process of planning and creating detailed drawings and plans for construction and infrastructure projects. It involves site analysis, conceptual design, detailed engineering, and the development of specifications to guide the construction process.

Our civil engineering services encompass a wide range of solutions, including Construction Drawing Services, Land Development Design Services, Geospatial Services, and Construction Cost Estimation Services. These services are tailored to meet various civil engineering needs.

Yes, we understand that each project is unique. Our team can customize Civil Engineering services to match the specific requirements of your project, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial in nature.

Our services cater to a wide range of projects, including real estate development, infrastructure, transportation, and more. We can adapt our Civil Engineering expertise to meet the specific needs of various industries and sectors.

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