MEP Mechanical Drafting

eLogicTech is the expert in providing MEP mechanical drafting services. With a team of seasoned MEP engineering specialists, eLogicTech offers MEP designs, as-built drawings, and preparation of plans, layouts, and systems as part of our HVAC engineering services. The MEP team has worked on several large-scale commercial/residential/industrial projects and has the experience to ensure that the HVAC systems maintain the right temperature and humidity control.

With a global presence, eLogicTech's team is aware of various building compliance codes specific to different regions of the world and ensures their adherence. For support with HVAC designing at a competitive price, contact eLogicTech, and one of our business development managers will get in touch with you in one business day.

Mechanical Drafting

Benefits of eLogicTech's

MEP Mechanical Engineering Services


With close to two decades of industry presence, you can leverage eLogicTech's first-hand experience to deal with complex mechanical engineering projects.


eLogicTech's MEP mechanical engineers are aware of the most recent updates in the AEC industry and suggest that MEP systems adhere to ASHRAE, IPC, and NFPA standards.


With the design suggestions, eLogicTech ensures the energy efficiency of buildings attributed to HVAC installations and minimum gas and electricity bills without dropping the performance.


eLogicTech's team of experienced engineers suggests the right under-floor air distribution (UFAD) system and automation techniques to conserve energy ensuring maximum occupant comfort.

eLogicTech's Range of MEP Mechanical Drafting Services

At eLogicTech, the MEP team reviews detailed site surveys and provides project design reports as well as suggests the ideal MEP design considerations. The MEP CAD services from eLogicTech include but are not limited to the following:

Mechanical Design Sketches and Drafting

eLogicTech's engineering team creates MEP design drawings and drafts the mechanical systems based on equipment locations, plant room layout, and sections.

Design and Drafting of Duct Routing

eLogicTech designs and drafts the placement of supply air grills, filters, dehumidifiers, etc. The team also details the duct sizing, schematic chill water drawings, air flow diagram, and duct layout, etc.

Volume and Measurement Calculation

Based on the MEP design, the eLogicTech team accurately calculates the heat load, chiller capacity, air handling capacity, pressure vessel capacity, pressure drop level for the chilled water system, external static pressure levels, exhaust system levels, fresh air levels, staircase pressure, and smoke exhaust system level, etc.

HVAC System Design and Validation

eLogicTech's HVAC engineering service includes the design of HVAC systems and testing, balancing of HVAC for the right equipment selection, and energy-efficient design implementation.

MEP Mechanical Drafting

MEP Outsourcing Company

Outsource HVAC Engineering Service to eLogicTech

eLogicTech's mechanical drafting service includes the preparation of designs like supply CFM, return CFM, air-changes, and selection of AHUs, tonnage, and UFADs. The top priority is accuracy in eLogicTech's MEP design and drafting, the company ensures that the clients meet their project deadlines when they outsource MEP engineering tasks to eLogicTech.

To learn more about the eLogicTech team and the list of accomplished projects, get in touch.


Mechanical Drafting involves creating detailed technical drawings and plans for mechanical components and systems. It plays a crucial role in accurately communicating design specifications for manufacturing and assembly.

Mechanical drafting is of paramount importance in the engineering and construction industry as it serves as the foundation for turning conceptual ideas into precise, actionable plans. These detailed drawings and schematics are essential for visualizing and documenting mechanical components, HVAC systems, and MEP layouts. They facilitate clear communication among project stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding design specifications and project requirements. Mechanical drafting also aids in cost estimation, material procurement, and the overall efficiency of the construction process, leading to successful project execution.

Our services are applicable across various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Mechanical Drafting benefits projects ranging from machine parts and components to complex mechanical systems, ensuring precision in manufacturing and assembly.

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