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Building Information Modeling

BIM Modeling Services by eLogicTech

eLogicTech provides BIM modeling services that aims at enabling design implementation among transparent coordination between architects, engineers, contractors, and MEP teams. The Building Information Modeling or BIM service from eLogicTech offers to create the digital representation of 2D and 3D elementsp of a building with every element being a parameter to influence the change in the design.

eLogicTech's BIM consultants are expert advisers of Revit architecture and suggest clients the right balance of the 4th and 5th dimensions in the BIM model which project time and cost variables respectively. Adhering to the global construction guidelines, eLogicTech creates pre-construction designs using the same family of 3D CAD software, while offering to work on open BIM facilitating collaborative design implementations.

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BIM Modeling Services from eLogicTech

Outsource BIM modeling services to eLogicTech for partnering with the experienced BIM consultants and seasoned BIM specialists across the globe. The BIM outsourcing services include the following:

Building Information Modeling

Benefits of eLogicTech's BIM Outsourcing Services


Pre-construction Planning Using the Latest BIM Software

eLogicTech's BIM specialists utilize the most up-to-date tools, such as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, Navisworks for quality service.



Be it National BIM Standard - United States or BIS guidelines for UK, eLogicTech's BIM consultants provide Revit models adhering to the global standards.



eLogicTech's BIM professionals are aware of the entire BIM project lifecycle and offer assistance based on the required level of development.



At eLogicTech, the team has designed the BIM services adhering to ISO guidelines and ensure accurate 3D models within the project turnaround time at all occasions.

Partner with the Experienced BIM Consultants at eLogicTech

As a decade old BIM specialist in India, eLogicTech has served numerous clients and has wide presence across the globe. As-built condition models, Revit models with required LOD specifications, detailed design documentation, energy simulation modeling, and CAD to BIM assistance are some of the core offerings of eLogicTech's BIM service. With strict adherence to timelines, quality process, and 24/7 project coordination, eLogicTech ensures clients of the most accurate BIM models and expert advice at the most competitive price.

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