Structural & Architectural Drafting Services

eLogicTech provides structural drafting services that help clients across the entire process of building design and development. Our team of structural engineering specialists assist builders, engineering firms, architects, and contractors with precise architectural drafting and detailing for the structures. Starting from 2D drafting and 3D CAD drawings for steel structures, our team provides the necessary structural detailing for pre-stressed structural elements and pre-cast or prefabricated structures.

Our structural drafting and detailing services also involve multi-disciplinary coordination, construction documentation, shop drawings, schematic drawings, etc. based on the client's requirements. To learn more about our services, and engagement model, and to discuss your ad-hoc or long-term requirements, contact our structural engineering team today.

Structural Drafting

Key Benefits of eLogicTech's

Structural Drafting and Detailing Services


eLogicTech ensures precise load testing by making use of software like Staad Pro or manual analysis.


Our team provides the complete set of prefabrication drawings with the utmost detailing.


With years of experience, our drafters suggest accurate design changes for sustainable designs.


Our team has provided structural details for residential/commercial/industrial structures and you can benefit from the experience.

Architectural Drafting Services from eLogicTech

Our structural drafters are adept at foundation plan drafting, slab detailing, floor and roof frame drafting, Tekla structural steel detailing, and more. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Structural Drawing and Detailing

eLogicTech provides connection details, member schedules, roof truss, and joint details, reinforced concrete joint details, etc. The team also creates structural drawings from concept sketches or design briefs.

Co-ordination and Clash Detection

Our engineering team including experienced architects helps in resolving builder RFIs through coordination with multi-disciplinary teams, clash detection, and resolution.

Design Validation and Verification

Our structural design and drafting team cross-checks the design criterion and 3D IFC models for appropriate member placement in the architectural model and also addresses feasible design changes.

Fame Analysis and Standard Checks

Our team understands the importance of accuracy in precast panel structures and thus carries out frame analysis and checks around corner reinforcements, non-load-bearing panels, panel breaks, etc.


Structural Outsourcing Company

Professional and Cost-effective Structural Drafting from eLogicTech

eLogicTech has been a leading structural engineering service provider for the past two decades. Apart from timeliness and accuracy, clients can benefit from our ability to scale up and cost-effective engagement models.

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Structural drafting is the process of creating drawings and other documentation that represent the structural design of a building or other structure. Structural drawings are used by engineers, contractors, and other professionals to construct and maintain buildings and structures.

Structural drafting is important because it provides a clear and concise representation of the structural design of a building or other structure. This information is essential for contractors and other construction professionals to follow when building or maintaining a structure. Structural drawings also provide a valuable reference for future maintenance and repairs.

eLogicTech Solutions is a trusted provider of structural drafting services. We specialize in creating precise and detailed structural drawings tailored to your project's needs. Our team collaborates with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to produce accurate plans that streamline the construction process. We offer architectural drafting and structural detailing services, helping clients achieve their project goals efficiently. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your construction project proceeds smoothly and meets all safety and design requirements.

We ensure accuracy and compliance by adhering to industry standards and local building codes in the drafting process. Rigorous quality checks and validation processes are employed to meet the highest standards of precision.

Our services are applicable across industries such as construction, infrastructure, and architecture. Structural Drafting commonly addresses projects such as buildings, bridges, dams, and other structures that require precise engineering documentation.

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