BIM Services for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering

BIM MEP helps in delivering complete and clash-free mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting system models adhering to the planned building design. With a cumbersome process of MEP modeling, design audit, clash detection, and reporting, the BIM MEP process ensures essential design changes before project teams start working. eLogicTech Solutions provides MEP BIM services that are both comprehensive and accurate for clients to refer to and follow as coordinated blueprints.

With a team of specialized MEP and HVAC engineers, all our MEP BIM models follow the global standards ensuring consistency of workflows, geometry, and scheduling. Based on the engagement model, our team helps identify potential clashes within the unit across the MEP systems during the design stage itself, saving significant audit time afterward. For more information on our capability and modes of engagement, contact us today.

BIM MEP Services

Benefits of Availing MEP Drafting and Modeling from eLogicTech

Over the years, we have successfully delivered several MEP projects of different scales and complexities. The benefits of availing MEP drafting and modeling services from our BIM experts include:

Competitive Cost Estimation

With a clear and concise assessment of the models and potential clashes to be resolved, we provide accurate cost estimation of the changes.

Accurate Fitting Drawings

We provide highly comprehensive and precise fitting drawings depending on the MEP model.

Cross-platform Devices

BIM coordination occurs across several tools, file types, and software platforms. eLogicTech can deliver cross-platform assistance to project teams.

Remote Delivery Services

It is essential to be able to safely and swiftly gain access to your BIM deliverables. We use cloud-based storage tools for our BIM coordination services to be able to update, access, and influence the outputs as and when required.

BIM MEP services from eLogicTech

As part of our BIM service portfolio, our BIM MEP services primarily involve creating 3D models of the mechanical/electrical/plumbing units without clashes. Our BIM MEP modeling services include but are not limited to the following:

BIM mechanical system modeling

At eLogicTech, we provide precise 3D models of the mechanical and HVAC systems (indoor/outdoor air and thermal handling units) that include the HVAC fitting designs through the project lifecycle as per the specific levels of development and detail.

BIM Electrical System Modeling

Our team of electrical engineers is aware of the electrical systems to be deployed and components to be used in the building to develop the electrical models of all the light fittings, tray layouts, conduits, and fire alarm locations from the design documents.

BIM plumbing and Firefighting Modeling

We specialize in developing the comprehensive BIM model for the plumbing, drainage, and firefighting units based on the design document as well as additional instruction notes adhering to standard practices.

BIM MEP Clash Detection

Our BIM MEP clash detection service is extremely useful during the initial phases of construction to find soft and hard clash issues leading to possible risks, loss inefficiency, and cost overruns.

BIM MEP Coordination

Our BIM MEP coordination service comprises creating clash detection reports, BIM model review, making changes to the model, extracting coordinated reference drawings, and coordinating with consultants, contractors, as well as subcontractors.

BIM MEP Services

BIM Outsourcing Company

Professional BIM MEP Services Support from eLogicTech

At eLogicTech, we are easily able to comprehend your design process to be able to provide a clash-free and coordinated MEP BIM Model.

Our team of experienced engineers submits detailed analysis helping the clients in making informed decisions with respect to design changes and the associated cost before going for stakeholder approval. With access to advanced software such as Navisworks, Revit, AutoCAD, etc., look no further in outsourcing BIM MEP requirements.


BIM MEP stands for Building Information Modeling for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. It is a process of creating and using digital models of building systems to improve coordination, communication, and efficiency throughout the design, construction, and operation of a building.

BIM MEP is a more collaborative and data-driven approach to MEP design. Traditional MEP design is typically 2D and relies on paper drawings, while BIM MEP is 3D and uses digital models. This allows for a more holistic view of the building and its systems, and it makes it easier to identify and resolve potential conflicts.

eLogicTech offers BIM mechanical system modeling, BIM electrical system modeling, BIM plumbing and firefighting modeling, BIM MEP clash detection, and BIM MEP coordination services for comprehensive and efficient BIM MEP solutions.

eLogicTech Solutions excels in BIM MEP services with its expertise, customized solutions, cutting-edge technology, collaborative approach, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and efficient project delivery.

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