Ceiling and Floor Panel Design

A ceiling plan is a layout drawing to show where the objects are placed in a room’s ceiling to understand the location of specific fixtures. Similarly, floor panel designs help in laying prefabricated floor frames of wood, metal, or other materials based on the objective and design aesthetics. eLogicTech provides floor panel layout design services that include designing integrated floor grids and panel layouts, as well as modeling, raised access flooring systems.

Following the floor plan and the requirements, our building product design specialists align the floor frames (joists, battens, bracing, etc.) with the exact dimension and placement. Be it for cooling, drainage, or storage, the elevated floor panel designs developed by eLogicTech are easy to maintain and compliant with the construction standards. To discuss your requirements and to check our building product modeling project portfolio, contact us.

Ceiling and Floor Panel Design

Benefits of floor panel design and drafting from eLogicTech

Complimenting 3D floor planning and elevation design, our ceiling and floor panel layout design services can benefit in terms of aesthetics and intelligent flooring systems:

Interactive floor and ceiling

Both structural or aesthetic design modifications become easier with our ceiling and 3D floor panel modeling services.

Floor panel layout design image files

We generate floor panel layout design image files for portals that are of high resolution, such as GIF, JPGE, PDF, and TIFF.

Adherence to construction standards

All our raised access floor panel models adhere to the standards suggested by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), and any other specified by the client.

Walkthroughs and interactivity provided

Our team of professionals can also create walkthroughs or visualizations as per the client's specifications.

Whether it is a conventional ceiling, suspended ceiling, try ceiling, coved ceiling, or coffered ceiling, our designs are in line with the building interiors and elevation plans. Our team of experienced architects and building product designers creates extremely precise floor layout designs that are easy to manufacture, install, and maintain. Our ceiling design and floor panel modeling services include:

Floor panel layout design and modeling

Our floor panel layout design and modeling services include floor grid and panel layout design, raised access panel modeling, and floor pedestal modeling, considering the floor plan and a variety of flooring finishes. Our service also includes detailing the panel dimensions, directions, position, parts list, and quantity for easy installation and maintenance.

Ceiling design and modeling

Our comprehensive ceiling design and modeling service will allow you to view the entire interaction between services, the ceiling grid, and the building below. These drawings incorporate the crucial and leading attributes of air conditioning, lighting, and extraction, which encompasses fire and evacuation fixtures.

Office Furniture Modeling

Product Modeling Outsourcing Company

Outsource 3D floor panel design and ceiling modeling to eLogicTech

Partnering with leading building product manufactures and service providers, we have worked on several interactive ceiling and raised access flooring system design projects over the years. The floor grid and panel layout design services provided by eLogicTech show both versatility and design innovation.

With an in-house workforce to scale up your building product modeling requirements, our team takes up bulk or ad-hoc projects specific to ceiling design and floor layout modeling. To have a quick quote or learn more about our engagement models, book a quick consultation with our building object modeling specialists.


Ceiling and floor panel design is the process of creating detailed plans and specifications for the installation of ceiling and floor panels in buildings.

Floor panels are versatile architectural elements used primarily for flooring in various commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. These panels serve multiple purposes, including providing a stable and durable surface for walking, working, or storing items.

We use advanced design software and industry expertise to ensure quality and precision. Clients can actively participate in the design process and customize designs to align with their unique style and brand identity.

Yes, our team can collaborate with clients to optimize designs for cost-efficiency, sustainability, and ease of installation, ensuring that projects align with budget and sustainability goals.

Our services are adaptable to a variety of projects and spaces, including commercial offices, residential properties, and hospitality venues. Ceiling and Floor Panel Design contributes to improved aesthetics, acoustic performance, and functional design.

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