Steel Rebar Fabrication Services

Rebar fabrication is crucial in giving the planned look and feel to pre-pressed concrete structures. Along with the design element, the right steel fabrication design adds the necessary tensile strength to the concrete structure so that it can be ductile enough to be shaped according to the concept design. Having delivered rebar fabrication services to large projects across the world, eLogicTech Solutions suggests appropriate fabrication structures by making use of software like Rebar CAD, and ASA Platform.

Our structural engineers understand the importance of documentation and also provides standardization of rebar fabrication configuration as well as rebar assembly. Having delivered hundreds of high-value steel detailing projects, our team also assists contractors in deciding between on-site rebar fabrication and in-factory fabrication. To learn more about our services and receive a custom quotation, contact us.

Rebar Fabrication

Benefits of availing our stringent services in

Rebar Fabrication Industry

Rebar bonding design for strength

Our engineers suggest the right fabrication designs so that the concrete and steel bond to add strength.

Standardized documentation

Adhering to global standards and nomenclatures, our team can provide a standardized document to refer to.

Suggestion on rebar construction process

After analyzing the waste factors during assembly processing, we suggest choosing factory processing or field processing.

Optimization studies

Making use of static optimization methodology, our team suggests also suggests best practices to minimize rebar loss.

eLogicTech’s 2D&3D Rebar Services

Through studying and analyzing the geographical conditions and appropriate work sampling, our team suggests the appropriate co-relation between rebar fabrication and the shop drawings. eLogicTech’s range of steel rebar fabrication services are as follows:

Structural fabrication drawing

Following structural reinforcement detail drawings as per the concept plan, our rebar detailing team provides precise fabrication drawings and estimates that help in constructing the unconventional concrete structures.

Shop drawing validation

Our experts check the on-site conditions and also validate the rebar fabrication drawings for appropriate modifications in the bend, length, and bonding to add an adequate amount of tensile strength reducing the erection cost.


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Be it for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, the right length, bend, and configuration of reinforced steel is vital for longevity. With years of expertise, an experienced team of structural engineers, and advanced infrastructure, eLogicTech has been assisting companies and contractors in building sustainable monolithic structures.

From Tekla steel detailing to Rebar Fabrication services – contact us for your next high-value construction project.

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