Rebar placing services

A rebar or reinforcing bar is a steel wire mesh that helps reduce tension and adds strength to reinforced concrete structures. One of the reasons for the correct placement of reinforcing steel is to attain the proper amount of concrete cover. eLogicTech’s rebar placing services include detailing and fabrication of tension-resistant RCC structures to avoid cracks and stresses caused by temperature change.

Our rebar placing and rebar detailing team guarantee the use of the correct form of steel bars (ribbed/round/ square-twisted and stretched), thereby meeting sustainability as well as aesthetic purposes. The team at eLogicTech is quick to respond to the pour dates of our clients to make sure that they do not miss their schedule, thereby ensuring that their project is completed within the deadlines.

Rebar placing

Benefits of placing reinforcing bars with eLogicTech’s rebar experts

Installing and placing reinforcing bars is very critical. The benefits of outsourcing rebar steel structure design need to eLogicTech includes:

Evaluation and revision of rebar fabrication drawings

Our expert engineers may advise on the revision of the rebar fabrication drawings in regards to locations, elevations, and element size after a thorough study and evaluation.

Rigorous multi-level QC check

We conduct a rigorous multi-level QC check for all deliverables to make sure that the rebar shop drawings and estimation are absolutely precise and perfect.

Adherence to international standards

As part of our services, we pursue ACI / CRSI / RSIC / AS / EN / BS & AU Standard.

Accurate detailing of rebar

We ensure detailing of the steel structure to all sections to help in the precise placement and installation of reinforced steel bars.

Reinforcing steel placement services by eLogicTech

Installation can make or break a project. At eLogicTech, we understand this and hence have a diligent team that will work with you to provide the best service. The reinforcing steel placement services we provide comprises of:

Rebar placing drawings

Rebar placing drawings work like instructions given out by the engineers to the contractors on the way and techniques used to build a structure to stop the anticipated loads. This is done to help the ironworkers to set the reinforcing bars into place at the job site.

Rebar spacing and tolerance

Rebar spacing and tolerance are extremely crucial in the placement of rebars. Tolerance will show the distance of the rebar from that of the depiction in the drawings. Our expert team provides accurate rebar spacing and tolerance service as per the specifications.

Rebar support detailing

We offer to our clients 3D reinforcement modeling to enable contractors to attain a construction-ready level of precision (LOD400). We also provide detailed rebar design and documents for chemical plants, refineries, High Rise and Mid Rise buildings, oil and gas, schools, and power and processing plants.

Rebar tying documentation

To hold it in place, Rebar is tied together using wire in the rebar tying process. Tying rebar impacts the production speed, rebar quality, structural strength, and ease of pour. We provide various types of rebar tying, such as Snap Tie, Wrap and Snap Tie, Saddle Tie, and Figure Eight Tie.

Rebar placing services

Structural Outsourcing Company

Complete range of rebar services with specialized rebar placing

At eLogicTech, we provide accurate CAD drawing and structural CAD drafting services to ensure that even the most complex and difficult reinforcement can be placed with concrete poured well. Whether you intend to utilize galvanized rebar, stainless-steel rebar, or carbon steel rebar, our engineering team provides personalized rebar services for all your projects.

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