Structural Erection Drawings of a Large Commercial Learning Center in the US

The client is a leading steel fabricator based in the US. With presence all across different American states, the client has delivered a variety of structural modeling and fabrication projects over the years. Having a reputation of taking up challenging projects, incorporating modern amenities, and accommodating ample options to structural scalability, the client has a strict set of parameters when it comes to the precision and documentation of shop drawings and detailing.

Steel shop drawing and erection drawing requirements by the client

After learning about our structural engineering service portfolio and experience in Tekla software, the client contacted eLogicTech Solutions. The project requirement was clear. As the client was working on a commercial learning center, they wanted the eLogicTech team to develop the shop drawings and structural erection drawings from the design drawings using Tekla Structures.

Dimensional differences and RFI clarifications made the delivery timeline tighter

Apart from the quality and precision of the drawings, the client has a rigid delivery timeline of three weeks which was non-negotiable. As there were minor dimensional differences in the markup drawings and documents provided by the client, it was a challenge to get those aligned.

The team took proactive steps to communicate with the client and documented the coordination of precast panel embedded locations as well as the RTU frame dimensions and joist dimensions. Some RFIs also took significant time for the client to respond, and our stage-wise communication helped to get the answers to the queries from the engineers and architects.

Process outline followed by the eLogicTech Tekla Structure Team

As part of our structural shop drawing and erection drawing service, the process followed by the eLogicTech team is as below:


eLogicTech received the design drawings and necessary markups in PDF format, including the structural plans, sections, and details.


Keeping the tight delivery schedule in mind, an eight-member structural engineering team having expertise in 3D framing using Tekla Structures was formed to handle the project.


As part of the initial steel framing, the anchor bolt/embed package was developed as per the client-mentioned standards and specifications.


After multi-level QC, the files were sent to the client for approval.


Based on the approvals or change requests raised by the client, the final progressive models/IFC files were sent.

Takeaways - Precise structural shop drawings and erection drawings

Chasing a tight deadline and ensuring 100% error-free steel shop drawings, the eLogicTech team delivered the project files as agreed. Every project has its own set of challenges, but how our project teams come up with solutions to deal with problem scenarios and deliver satisfactory results for the clients is what sets us apart from others. For any inquiries on structural drafting, modeling, or rebar services, book a free initial consultation today.

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