Fabrication Shop Drawing for an Adolescent Hospice Project in Australia

The client is an established steel construction solution provider in Sydney, Australia. Holding expertise in fabricating structural, general, and heavy engineering steel structures, it provides services from small commercial projects to first-tier builders and large government projects. The client team is an expert in steel fabrication, steel erection, warehouse construction, plant and equipment, and in-house painting. Their exceptional skills and extensive experience assist the client in offering unrivaled quality and reliability at every stage of the fabrication, delivery, and erection process.

Requirement: Fabrication Shop drawing for Columns, Beams, Braces, Rafters, and Purlins

The extensive exposure of eLogicTech in Structural Steel detailing services and Tekla software forced the client to reach out to us. The project required the development of a fabrication shop drawing for beams, columns, braces, rafters, and purlins for the hospice project. The client wanted us to develop the shop drawings from the shared design drawings in Tekla.

Dimensional and Modeling challenges faced by the eLogicTeam

As input information from the client, we received design drawings in pdf form. Extracting the precise dimensions of columns, beams, braces, rafters, and purlins from the design drawing was a challenging and tricky part of the whole process. Some connections and dimensions were missing that we handled by raising RFIs.

We modeled the structural elements with accurate dimensions and details and received RFIs answers. Tracking the fabrication drawing project at each stage of its development helped us meet the tight schedule and deadline of the project.

Process Outline for Fabrication Shop Drawing by eLogicTech

The process outline followed by eLogicTech for fabrication shop drawing of structural steel elements is as follows.


Team development - After receiving the project and drawing inputs from the client, we formed an eight-member team of Tekla experts. We conducted a meeting to discuss the project overview, its complexity, and our approach to delivering the project within the stipulated timeline.


RFI’s raised - The team raised some RFIs related to the missing connections and dimensions in the drawings provided.


Model development and regular check - We developed a 3D structural model of the beams, columns, braces, rafters, and purlins using the inputs given by the client. The regular performance checks helped verify the grid placement, structural member positioning, and connections.


Updating Model - After receiving the answers to the raised queries and RFIs, the team updated the model, connections, and drawings.


Quality check and final release - As the team completed the checking, we extracted and developed the shop drawing from the model and further sent it for QC. After receiving the QC comments, we released the error-free drawings to the client.

Quality Project Delivery with the Tight Timeline

The team at eLogicTech understands the requirement of the client and the building standards for specific projects. With extensive exposure and required skill sets, we delivered the fabrication shop drawings of the structural elements.

Our team offered a 3D perspective of the elements within the fixed timeline without compromising the quality. The complexity of the project gave us new learning to handle different projects. To inquire about our structural modeling and shop drawing services and book a free consultation, contact us today.

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