Tekla Shop Drawings for Leading Structural Steel Building Solution Provider

The client is an Indian based company dealing with complete solutions pertaining to steel design and building. Worked with leading industries and businesses around the world, our client's service range spans across real estate, infrastructure, engineering, and power and energy sectors. With several experienced teams, the client has always given priority to work ethics and high quality of the project deliverables - which has made them leading the AEC sector in India with several prestigious awards and recognition.

Project Requirements for Structural Shop Drawings in Tekla

The client was working on an industrial building project for which they wanted detailed shop drawings to be developed in Tekla. After learning about eLogicTech Solutions and its specialized structural steel detailing services, the client signed the project contract for 30 days. As per the project specification document, the client had specified to provide us the design drawings as well as sample drawing in the form of PDF documents. The client had requested for the erection drawings created in Tekla Structures.

Unanticipated Project Challenges Faced by eLogicTech's Structural Engineering Team

Every project brings its own set of challenges to the board and the eLogicTech's tenured engineers have found ways to deal with them all the time. This structural shop drawing project was no different with the following obstacles:

  • Though we eLogicTech is familiar with all the global standards, this project had an unusual ask for adherence to not US standards but the UK standards which we dealt without much problem.
  • The delayed RFI responses from the client made us hold the model framing which eventually made us work beyond the work hours to meet the delivery timelines.
  • Another major challenge was the revision of the connection designs twice which resulted in the wastage of a lot of work hours and rework on those designs.

Tekla Shop Drawing Process that the eLogicTech Team Followed During the Project


eLogicTech received design drawings in PDF format. The drawings included structural plans, sections, and details for 3D framing in Tekla Structures.


As per the client's requirement, project deadline was 30 days and to meet this deadline, a team of three engineers along with a QC head was formed. eLogicTech ensured that all the engineers had sound experience in handling Tekla Structures.


Starting up with initial steel framing adhering to British Standard Codes (BS) and Euro Codes and specifications, the MTO model was submitted following connections within the steel members.


Maximum steel items were shop welded together to form a Frame rather than separate pieces to reduce the field operations.


Due to the heavy size of the frames, the chief engineer along with the department of transportation were consulted to make sure the ideal freight limit in terms of weight and size.


Erection Drawings were submitted to the design engineer where the design engineer went through the connections and limit the state of the steel frames.


After completing the modeling/detailing, the drawings were submitted to the QC department where they carried out the checking of all the drawings prior submitting to the client.


After incorporating the comments from the QC department, the fabrication drawings and the final Tekla Model were submitted to the Client.

eLogicTech's Procedural Approach Helped the Tekla Project Complete on a Great Note

The skill and vast experience that the eLogicTech's structural engineers possess have always made complicated projects simpler for the client. Due to heavy sizes of the steel frame, the eLogicTech team proposed to fabricate the complete frame as one shop welded piece and deliver it to the site - which the client agreed and implemented. Apart from the in-time delivery and precise Tekla structural shop drawings, the client received a worthy piece of suggestion which was probably the greatest take way for them from this project.

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