SketchUp Modeling to Visualize High-value Residential Building Plan

Our client is a leading interior design house in Australia. Based in Melbourne, the client has developed several timeless architectural masterpieces to establish them in the architectural engineering and interior/exterior design space. The client believes in addressing the unique requirements of their customers with architecturally sustainable as well as visually appealing building designs. With more than a decade of experience, the client has worked on a variety of projects, such as residential apartments, commercial or educational buildings, and industrial structures as well.

Requirements for the AutoCAD 2D and SketchUp Modeling Project

The client approach eLogicTech for a unique high-value project requiring SketchUp modeling of the concept plan. The client had the hand-drawn drawings of the residential project, which they primarily wanted to convert into AutoCAD 2D form. From those 2D drawings, the client wanted us to create detailed SketchUp model of the entire construction plan. Learning about eLogicTech's experience in architectural engineering and 3D SketchUp modeling, the client signed the contract with us.

Challenges that the eLogicTech's Architects Overcame

Our engineering team faced a few challenges while working on this project. The team overcame the challenges with proactive interactions with the client and the knowledge/experienced gained from working on several complex projects in the past. The challenges that we faced were as below:

  • Hand drafted drawings received from the client had many critical dimensions missing.
  • The existing plans provided by the client did not match with the survey drawings in terms of building footprint and elevations.
  • The existing building photographs did not cover one side of the house of which the drawings also did not show clear information.

SketchUp Modeling Process Followed by the eLogicTech Team


From the client, we received the hand-drawn sketches of the plan, elevations, and sections along with a few photographs of the site for clear understanding.


To complete the project in a week time as required by the client, we formed a team of two experienced SketchUp modelers along with a QC head who was also the dedicated project coordinator.


As part of our plan, we first converted the concept sketches that were there in the PDF format into CAD using AutoCAD 2018.


The eLogicTech team used SketchUp 2018 to create the desired SketchUp model of the construction plan with all the elevation details visualized.


Our QC head performed the quality check aligning the final SketchUp model with the input documents and handed the 2D AutoCAD file and the SketchUp model as requested by the client.

eLogicTech Delivered the AutoCAD Drawings and SketchUp Model Within Desired Time

The project was accomplished benefitting both the client as well as eLogicTech in many ways. Apart from accurate SketchUp model and 2D AutoCAD drawings, the client also gained from eLogicTech's efforts to resolve the differences between the existing drawings and the survey plans. Though the SketchUp modeling project looked simple in the beginning, modeling the building slopes in SketchUp was something the eLogicTech team experimented and learned.

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