Revit Models from Legacy Drawings for Renovation of Massive Structure

As an architectural, engineering, and interior design firm, the client's reputation is widespread. Established in 1920, our client has been serving the AEC industry from the past 10 decades. Over the years, the client has successfully delivered architectural projects for senior living, educational institutions, and many public departments. Having offices in multiple locations in the US, our client is a renowned name in the industry that has partnered many top tier organizations across the world and have delivered hundreds of construction/design projects.

Revit Modeling Project Requirements by the Client

The American client got in touch with eLogicTech's team for a Revit modeling project which they wanted to complete in two months. The client was handling a huge renovation project for which they were in need of an experienced architectural 3D modeling partner. After learning about eLogicTech's two decades of experience in delivering several Revit modeling, BIM, and MEP modeling projects, the client contacted our engineering team.

Challenges that the eLogicTech Team Overcame with Experience and Skill

There were two key challenges in this Revit modeling project which our team dealt with their skill and first-hand project experience:

  • Since the drawings were old, the coordination between the architectural and structural drawing information were conflicting.
  • At a few instances, the drawings were missing and our team had to re-visualize those based on the other portions.

Step-wise Process Followed by the eLogicTech Team


The legacy drawings of the building and supporting photographs were received to better understand the requirements.


A four-member team of Revit specialists was formed to work on the project and deliver it within the agreed two-month timeline.


The exterior shell of the building was modeled first along with the connecting areas. Based on the construction/renovation plan, related areas were modeled referring to the legacy drawings for easy reference.


After the exterior portions of the building, the interior elements were modeled and were sent for the client's review in phases.


After every phase, the client's inputs were incorporated and a two-level QC was carried out. The final Revit project files were sent to the client.

The Revit Modeling Project Was Delivered in Time with Great Quality

The client received high-quality Revit models for the construction/renovation project. Apart from the quality of the project deliverables, eLogicTech ensured that the client receives the models in the order they needed by creating and managing an internal priority queue as well. The client also appreciated the effort towards the visualization and modeling by our team for the missing sections in the legacy drawings. If you have any similar requirements, contact us today.

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