Leading Australian Construction Firm Seeks Assistance in Shop Drawing and Steel Detailing Project

Among the top construction companies in Australia, the client for this shop drawing and steel detailing project has a great reputation. Over the years, they have delivered several high-value commercial and residential projects – many of which are landmark structures. Being a reliable name, the client not only cares about what they do and how they do, but what structural and architectural innovations they bring in. Irrespective of geographical challenges and other project complexities, the client has been a reliable name in delivering projects in time with adherence to all global construction guidelines always.

Requirement for Shop Drawings Along with Complete Fabrication Package

The client’s initial inquiry was about eLogicTech’s capability around steel detailing and structural drafting services. After their discussion with our sales and operations team on the project scope and deliverables, the client wanted us to work on this shaft drawing and material takeoff project.

The client had provided all the CAD and PDF files containing the building plans and the structural details of the members. Their requirement of General Arrangement Drawings (GA drawings) with fabrication package included the following:

  • Shaft drawings
  • Plate drawings (PDF and DXF)
  • Material list to include part numbers
  • Bolt lists

Lack of Elevation Details Was the Key Challenge That the Team Dealt

For any steel detailing project, receiving plans, elevations, sections, and other relevant steel details such as connection designs and member specifications are usual inputs from the client. However, in this project, the eLogicTech structural engineering team had to figure out the elevation details from the given plans.

Apart from this, the client had also requested for a standard connection design as per the structural engineering best practices. This was another challenge especially in the absence of elevation details which our team addressed by analyzing the structural plan and utilizing their past experience.

Process Outline for the Construction Shop Drawing and Fabrication Package Project

A team of four Tekla structural engineers and a dedicated project manager was formed to deliver this project within four weeks’ timeline. It was ensured that all four engineers had sound experience in handling Tekla Structures and can play multiple roles (modeler, detailer, and checking). The process steps were as follows:


eLogicTech received design drawings in PDF and CAD format. The drawings included building plans and structural details.


Starting up with initial steel framing adhering to Australian steel detailing standards, the MTO model was submitted to get the confirmation on the members and the elevation heights, since they were absent.


After getting the confirmation on the elevations, our team was asked to propose the standard connections at the initial phase of the project. The team applied connections to all the structural members based on their experience and were sent to the client for review.


The inputs from the client on the connections for a few locations were incorporated into the model and shared for the project manager review and QC before sent to the client for approval.


A few updates from the client were received based on the site conditions, which were also incorporated and shared for the client’s approval again.


After receiving the approval from the client, the fabrication drawings and the final Tekla model were submitted to the client.

The Client Benefitted from eLogicTech’s Proactive Communication and Diligence

Along with eLogicTech’s experience in steel erection drawings and steel fabrication drawing and drafting, the client also benefitted from our proactive project communication irrespective of the time zone difference. If you have a similar project requiring Tekla software-enabled services, contact the eLogicTech structural engineering team today.

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