Furniture Modeling for California Based Interior Design and Branding Firm

Our client was a long-established interior design and branding firm. Based in California, the client has more than 30 years of industry presence and a vast clientele across the world. Having worked with major retail and food joint construction agencies, our client has designed a number of offices, residential, and commercial spaces. With a constant motto of delivering quality interior plans and designs, the American client has been a popular name for its engagement models and processes that are balanced with innovation and efficient project management.

Furniture Modeling Requirement for the Project

The client provided the furniture images and a detailed documentation with the dimensions. They had the requirement to model the furniture, design appropriate textures and color combinations and then deliver in the form of 3ds Max files and the texture files. Moreover, the timeline for the project was extremely tight which was just three working days for one set of images.

Challenges that the eLogicTech's Furniture Design Experts Faced

The challenges that the team faced were not new. However, when it comes to clarity of the furniture images with dimensions proportionately wrong, it becomes a unique challenge to deal with. The eLogicTech team is experienced enough to handle such hurdles and dealt the images with engineering maturity to deliver designs that are 99% accurate as specified by the client.

Furniture Modeling and Designing Process
by the eLogicTech Team


After receiving the images and the input document with dimension and core design concepts, the team evaluated them all and asked for further clarity wherever it was necessary.


The next step was to form a team of two experienced members. eLogicTech also had a backup member as part of their contingency plan to meet the non-negotiable three-day turnaround time.


eLogicTech imported the images sent by the client into 3ds Max and developed the furniture models.


The team used Photoshop to bring in the realistic look of the colors and textures added to the furniture designs.


After two rounds of quality check, the .3ds files were sent to the client. There were very few inputs from the client which were incorporated quickly by the eLogicTech team before sending the final files.

Project Takeaways - Meeting the Tight Deadline with 99.9% Accuracy

Apart from the significant outsourcing cost benefit that the client received by partnering with eLogicTech, the team also made sure to impress the client with the defined quality parameters. Adherence to the delivery timelines by the eLogicTech team was also highly appreciated by the client. For any similar furniture design and furniture modeling requirements, contact eLogicTech.

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